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A bunch of bored Reddit and 4chan nerds rocketed Gamestop's stock through the roof for laughs but tell me again about how the stock market is a rational and fundamentals-based thing.

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MyPillow CEO: Dominion Voting Systems 'hired hit groups' to 'cancel me out'

Friends, the pillow tycoon is having some struggles.

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"We will defeat this pandemic": Biden.
But he warns: "things are going to continue to get worse before they get better."

More than any recent president, Biden understands and models FDR's approach to crisis management: give good news when you can, remind Americans we're in this together, and make ordinary people feel extraordinary for making big sacrifices.

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Thank you to @JoeBiden for making good on a promise I know was close to your heart as a parent and a person of compassion.

ICE's top job now becomes reuiniting those kids still torn from their families and holding accountable those agents who abused their power.

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When RFKHR led the Break Bread, Not Families campaign in the summer of 2018, Trump was already separating families in defiance of federal court orders.

We watched the inhumanity of the immigration courts under Trump's malicious appointees. Repairing the damage will take years.

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I remember visiting McAllen, Texas with @KerryKennedyRFK and the team at @RFKHumanRights to fight for an end to Trump's family separation policies. Kerry was nearly arrested trying to gain access to unattended migrant children at Ursula. It was a horror. Now it ends.

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Washington (AP) -- Justice Department rescinds 2018 memo establishing 'zero tolerance' border policy that resulted in family separations

Huge news that begins the long and difficult process of mending the humanitarian damage of Donald Trump's immigration policies.

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What we saw in Trump's failure to even acknowledge the reality of his election loss, and in much of his administration, is a direct and dangerous application of Peale's "Power of Positive Thinking" ideology as government policy. And it killed 400,000 people.

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CNN: Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated support for executing prominent Democrats in 2018 and 2019 before running for Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) may not be long for the House.

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One of the most underreported elements of the Trump presidency is how Trump's family involvement since childhood in Norman Vincent Peale's "Power of Positive Thinking" cult, and its will-things-to-be-real views, ultimately led to Trump's deadly optimism on #COVID19.

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HB 113, the anti-trans bill that would have banned healthcare for trans youth just died on the House Floor! Thank you to all the advocates and people who shared their stories. We see you! We support you! #MTleg

We face major challenges as a nation, so it's important to embrace these victories for basic human dignity wherever they pop up. Congratulations to the Montanans who stood up for trans kids.

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Fox News really has become a nursing home for those whose lapdog service to Trump rendered them unemployable anywhere else.

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They talk a big game about being the party of working people but @GOP hacks like Dinesh shit on teachers, bartenders and union workers while picking their pockets with right wing grifts. Give me a break.

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@PIlam25 @KevinMKruse You teach middle school and are weighing in here? Hahahahaha!

Why do Republicans like @DineshDSouza hate working class people so much? Big talk coming from a convicted crook.

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Abusive situations aren't some proxy for broader political fights you want to advance, nor is it some morality play about Trump. We're talking about an actual child who has gone out of her way to document concerning instances of parental behavior. Finding glee in it is sick.

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Claudia Conway clearly needs support she isn't getting, but a whole lot of adults who should know better are busying themselves on Twitter and Instagram egging a 16-year-old on to lash out and throw gas on the situation for their own viewing entertainment.

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BREAKING: The entire D.C. National Guard is having its deployment extended until March 31 in anticipation of “civil disturbance” throughout the nation’s capital

@NatashaBertrand @laraseligman @AndrewDesiderio

Donald Trump's only legacy will be the poison he unleashed on the American body politic.

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While Ari and the @GOP are busy making jokes about a disease that robbed so many of us of our loved ones, the Biden administration will be over here re-entering the Paris Agreement, protecting DACA kids, and ending oil drilling leases on federal lands.

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Thrilled to share my debut column with @NBCNewsThink!

It's time to consider applying the 14th Amendment's Rebellion Clause to Donald Trump's indefensible disloyalty.

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