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Russell Brand

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Joined on 26 January, 2009

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REVELATION: my new audible original is out on March 25 and is available for pre order now @audible_com. It’s about God, how a personal experience of sacredness can save us individually and collectively. I’d love to know what you think of it.  

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What REALLY Happens At Davos?

🎥Watch the full video here:

🎙️You can listen to the full #UnderTheSkin episode with @joelbakan on @hearluminary now at

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Edward Edinger and the need for a central living myth...where will this new myth come from? What do you think?

Watch the full video here:

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Watch out for FAKE PROFILES - Always look for the little blue tick to know it’s really me.

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Isaac is my mate. He is autistic, kind, smart and VERY cool. He LOVES trains more than anyone, ever! He makes videos about them for his @YouTube page. His dream is to get to 1000 subscribers so he can do YouTube Lives! Please help him and subscribe 👇


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This video on tech billionaires and the power they hold...what are your thoughts?

Watch the full video here:

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This episode of #UnderTheSkin with @joelbakan is out now! Listen to the full conversation over on @hearluminary

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@rustyrockets I'm just a fat bloke running penis shapes around Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire to raise for Testicular Cancer Support.

Looking to spread the word.
Worth a RT right?


This is the way to approach all disease, by drawing cocks ‘pon the earth.

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Quoted @thehappypear

Our podcast with @russelbrand is just live! We interviewed Russell last week and it was a conversation we had dreamt of having years ago! He talked about his many transformations, his principles for life that he tries to live by each day, his creative

I love them geezers and they don’t even know me Twitter name. What a world baby

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Quoted @benjimaan22

Oooo ritual magick!

Nice ref!!!

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Quoted @Trial_by_Fir3

@rustyrockets new listener & supporter here. Great stuff. Currently studying at university & need a videogame idea to create awareness for a social issue. What would you like to see?

Hmm. Become a drug addict then get off drugs. That’d be cool.

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Quoted @clairetetteroo

Everyone should learn kundalini breath exercises by @rustyrockets , it's like the perfect combo of fun and serious effective information. #kundalinibreath #teamrussel

Glad you like it. That’s what I’m going for.

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Quoted @PosseRecovery

Reading that @rustyrockets avoided doing Step 4 for 5 years made me laugh, I'm avoiding it also, but know I have to do it. I battle with my head daily, which I know is such wasted energy. He said he avoided it for 5 years but did it in 2 days. #RecoveryPosse

Standard. We gotta get stuck in!

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Quoted @Natalie24278613

@rustyrockets Please Keep doing what you are doing as so so many are still asleep🤦‍♀️
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Keep Speaking truth to the masses !! You are on point!!! Thank you!!!!

We are all waking up!

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Quoted @LukeNewland1

@rustyrockets Russ you read the untethered soul by Michael a singer yet it's absolute fucking dynamite mate i can't recommend it enough.

Yes! I gotta do my report on it! I’ll do it next week!

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Quoted @megmarie422

I cannot stop watching @rustyrockets this morning.

I am so mesmerized over the fact that there is someone out there that can speak on hard topics while being 100% unbiased & respectful & hilarious at the same. He gives FACTS for both sides of an argument & that’s so rare.

This is a fine compliment.
Thanks mate.

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A conversation with Adam Curtis, questioning if we, as a society, have run out of new ideas...

🎥Watch the video here:

🎙️Listen to the full #UnderTheSkin episode on @hearluminary

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