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When #ImpeachBidenNow is trending but the only tweets you see are from supposed #Biden supporters laughing that Impeach Biden Now is trending.

Did you just make something trend accidentally that wouldn't have been trending had you not been laughing about it?

I think so.

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To those that say @BernieSanders couldn't have beaten #DonaldTrump, I'd like to point out that #berniemittens is STILL trending while #BidenHarrisInauguration has already subsided.

#Bernie #Sanders was the #PeoplesChoice while #Biden was the #DNC's choice.

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#BoycottCannoli should help people understand that the problems that have faced women have little to do with "men" and everything to do with the role men have played over women's lives.

The moment women assume that role, they will be equally vicious to their subordinates.

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I liked Biden's inaugural address, but I just really wanted him to say "fellow Americans" a few more times.

#BidenHarrisInauguration #fellowAmericans

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China sanctioning Trump's agents of destruction is, well, it's fucking hilarious.

#TrumpsLastDay #China #sanctions

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@BernieSanders @AOC @senatemajldr @SenatorLankford @SenWarren @SenSchumer @RashidaTlaib -- let's get it done.

@SpeakerPelosi - get it done.

#PatriotCare #PatriotTax #PatriotParty #COVID19 4/4

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If you do NOT work, you can still get healthcare 100%, no copays.

The reason? Because #Patriots love their country and their countrymen and women. They will support your health when you're out of a job.

The #PatriotTax can also pay for daycare, paid maternity leave, etc. 3/4

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Let's be honest here - the current Republican party will not back Medicare 4 all, national healthcare, and the #DNC won't either.

Let's call it the #PatriotCare plan. 1/4
#MedicareForAll #Medical #VoteThemAllOut

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In the #PatriotCare plan, if you have a job and pay taxes, you automatically enroll into this health insurance but can still pay more for your own healthcare if you want.

W/the Patriot tax, it will provide 100% free healthcare, no copays, no deductibles. 2/4

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People keep saying "we made it," but the reality is that we're only just starting.

Joe Biden is a piece of shit neoliberal and always has been. We must FORCE this man to change for the better.

If we don't, and these white lunatics are disenfranchised still, #TrumpV2 will come

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HE'S GONE but we still have work to do while Watching Trump exit center stage.

#TrumpsLastDay #TrumpsNewArmy #Assange #ByeDon #BidenHarrisInauguration #BREAKING #CapitolRiot #Capitol #GoodbyeDonnie #GoodRiddanceTrump #InaugurationDay #MyPillow #pardonAssangeNOW #opedaily

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Quoted @Selmaselmashous

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HE'S GONE but we still have work to do while Watching Trump exit center stage.

#TrumpsLastDay #TrumpsNewArmy #Assange #ByeDon #BidenHarrisInauguration #BREAKING #CapitolRiot #Capitol #GoodbyeDonnie #GoodRiddanceTrump #InaugurationDay #MyPillow #pardonAssangeNOW #opedaily

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social media companies, forums, comment sections from censoring speech.

This is one thing Trump got right - these platforms must not be allowed to change entire narratives by removing speech that "someone" doesn't like. 8/x

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The people who yell "I'm offended" need to get over it. You are not free from offense. Speech that isn't popular is what requires protection, not speech that is popular.

If you're always offended, that is YOUR problem, no one else's.

Stop this nonsense NOW. #TwittersNextBan 9/9

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These companies WILL NOT STOP at conservatives and Trump supporters. They will not. That is an absolute guarantee.

Before long, you won't be allowed to say ANYTHING they deem "unsafe" or "not nice."

#nineteeneightyfour may have been fiction but it's becoming reality.


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#Democrats should not be okay with this, nor should #Conservatives . Human rights are at risk here. If you believe everyone has a right to speak, and when the most popular platforms are "private," we must extend this to those platforms.

We need to pass laws preventing 7/x

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that we're seeing take place all across the internet.

Social Media platforms, hosting companies, and ISPs should NOT be able to remove companies for "unpopular speech."

It's one thing to remove someone's post that says "Okay, let's hurt 'this' person and 'that' person." 2/x

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But it's something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT to remove entire groups of people because of what a few people have said or done.

This should not be acceptable by the left OR the right.

"but they're a private company!" This may be true, but these companies hold a LOT of power 3/x

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and this power can be wielded in a way to propagandize everything.

You really TRUST Twitter to make the right choices? Do you trust Amazon to be the arbiter of "rightness"?

I don't. Let's not give them that role. They should not have that role. They should not dictate 4/x

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what is "safe speech" and what is "unsafe speech."

"But they coordinated online!" Yes, they did. They will find other ways to coordinate still. Those that want to do harm will find a way to do harm - guaranteed.

But squashing #speech to make YOU feel safe is short-sighted 5/x

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