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Orthopaedic Surgeon. Served as Major in US ARMY. Asst B-ball hs coach. Grand father of 4 fantastic people. Believer in freedom expression and peaceful protest

Pennsylvania, USA

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Jeffrey Clark, DOJ attorney, was prepared to force Ga lawmakers to overturn election results. Trump was talked out of firing Rosen, Barr’s replacement, to put Clark in charge. Mr Clark, congratulations. Your name will go down in jnfamy as nearly bringing down our gov’t.

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Of the countless things I hold Trump responsible for is watching my west coast granddaughters, 5 and 11, grow up electronically. Grateful I can see as well as talk with them, but hugging and kissing an iPad doesn’t cut it.

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Every time Biden or his staff addresses the nation I can’t help but feel how screwed we were the last 4 years.

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Thank you. Thank you. (applause ceases). I couldn’t have done this without Lindsey and Ted. Boys. Come on out and take a bow.

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The reason Graham and Cruz are already criticizing Biden is they’ve forgotten what it is to act for our country and not for one’s self.

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Last night Jill Biden led a virtual meeting thanking educators throughout our country. Very similar to Melania’s efforts. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Republicans joining band wagon for praise of Goodman. Cruz suggesting a Target gift certificate.

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Eugene Goodman, Capital cop who saved lives, should not only receive presidential freedom medal (not one given to Gym Jordan - yuk) but should be promoted to a supervisory position and instruct front liners the right way to act

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Biden signing orders to get assistance and food to needy, speed up vaccines, restore lost jobs and businesses, rid us of xenophobic immigration policies, and calling for unity. Wow. Clearly the most divisive president ever.

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What a difference to pick up NYT and on front page see Biden attacking virus, targeting Russian hacking, preaching unity (they’re all there - check it out if you don’t believe this) and not be distressed with Trump’s lies, incompetence, and encouraging domestic terror.

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I know Trump gone, but can’t stop remembering his hiding Covid’s lethality from us, pushing hydroxychloroquine, and suggesting bleaching our bodies. Contrast this with Fauci, uncensored, giving it to us straight today. I keep repeating thank God. Can’t help it.

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McCarthy says he didn’t vote to overturn election. Yet following riot he voted not to certify election. Huh? Also, Trump didn’t provoke riot. Guess he didn’t see Trump’s call to arms. BTW Kev, Mitch says Trump did “provoke” the attack.

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We’ve been dealt 4 yrs of bad cards by our previous dealer. We now have a new dealer with fresh cards, all of which appear able to get back our losses and to the winning side. As you know this won’t happen with one hand. We need to be patient knowing the right cards are coming.

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What a pleasure to listen to Joe and Kamala. Listening to Trump and Pence proved impossible. Tuned both out as soon as they came on. What a relief.

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Watching Joe now at Lincoln Memorial. Has been at it all day. Doesn’t look that ‘sleepy’ to me.

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Watching first press conference with Jen Psaki. I had forgotten what a normal press conference was.

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Rumor floating that reason we didn’t see Barron today is that he’s been hiding in the White House and is asking Biden family for asylum.

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It’s done. Remember Trump election. Wife weeping throughout the night. Shock and horror worrying about children and grandchildren. What country was I now living in? Our worst fears were then realized. Today rationality and hope have returned. I won’t hear my wife weep tonight.

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This carnage stops now

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