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it's 2021, why are we still being asked to understand Nazis, racists and white supremacists? asking for all the members of my family who perished in the holocaust

 22,152  323  3,639

"help help, my message of hate and fascism is being muzzled. come see the censorship inherent in the system"

 13,751  214  1,617

if Biden wearing a Rolex has you in a lather, just wait until you hear about the tax cheat who shits into a golden toilet

 55,046  751  6,675

you people keep telling me that Joe Biden knows how to run a government but so far he hasn't golfed once or tweeted out bullshit. what the fuck

 66,890  1,060  5,626

help me here, on a scale of 'Let 400,000 Americans Die' to 'Tried To Incite A Fucking Coup,' where the fuck do we put Biden's scandalous Rolex

 53,611  2,252  8,234

your Saturday morning news roundup:
— Joe Biden is in the Oval Office, working
— Donald Trump is who the fuck cares

 36,596  524  3,000

parents: make sure your kids get a good education, so they don't grow up to be Lauren Boebert

 89,292  1,362  10,157

hello, it's Friday. why haven't Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley been expelled from the Senate

 54,038  585  6,807

what kind of shithole senator gets offended by a call to fight racism

 69,037  2,152  6,884

pro tip: it's time to take down your Trump flag, you look like a sad idiot

 58,143  1,588  5,420

it's been 24 hours already, where's my flying car? this is bullshit

 13,190  349  682

hello, it's Thursday, why does Lauren Boebert still have her job

 66,752  1,030  7,679

why isn't Joe Biden live-tweeting Fox & Friends right now? doesn't he know how to president

 72,008  1,736  4,848

I hope Donald Trump is having a really shitty day

 69,973  2,583  3,474

I like presidents who get straight the fuck to work

 69,586  616  4,066

holy fucking shit, the president of the United States is Joe Biden

 74,715  1,129  4,177

holy fucking shit, the vice president of the United States is Kamala Harris

 20,210  191  1,027

I'll bet the "fuck your feelings" crowd is having a fuck-ton of feelings right now

 37,006  498  3,219

@realDonaldTrump ideally, you want the President of the United States, the Mayor of Crazytown and the village idiot to be three different people

 141,076  10,552  29,205

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