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@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @RochakTweets @Benny_Dayal @neetimohan18 @guggss @GautiDiHatti @Ad7777Adil @AbirSenguptaa @monishaadvani @madhubhojwani @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar #DivyaKhoslaKumar #KrishanKumar @ashesinwind @ryanmstephen @TSeries @EmmayEntertain @ElectricApplesE

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Making all our hearts groove on the retro beats, #DilTera is streaming now on all platforms! Tune in now! 🎧

♪Stream the Full Song Here♪

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@madhubhojwani @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar #DivyaKhoslaKumar #KrishanKumar @ashesinwind @ryanmstephen @TSeries @EmmayEntertain @ElectricApplesE @AAFilmsIndia

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The celebration begins as #DilTera from #IndooKiJawani brings back Retro Music to life! Song out now! Tune in now -

@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @RochakTweets @Benny_Dayal @neetimohan18 @guggss @GautiDiHatti @Ad7777Adil @AbirSenguptaa @monishaadvani

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#DivyaKhoslaKumar #KrishanKumar @ashesinwind @ryanmstephen @TSeries @EmmayEntertain @ElectricApplesE @AAFilmsIndia

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#DilTera from #IndooKiJawani will take you on a ride to the retro times! Song out tomorrow! Stay tuned!

@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @RochakTweets @Benny_Dayal @neetimohan18 @guggss @GautiDiHatti @Ad7777Adil @AbirSenguptaa @monishaadvani @madhubhojwani @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar

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#BhushanKumar #DivyaKhoslaKumar #KrishanKumar @ashesinwind @ryanmstephen @TSeries @EmmayEntertain @ElectricApplesE @AAFilmsIndia

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Hit rewind and go back in time with #IndooKiJawani’s latest song #DilTera! Song releasing tomorrow, stay tuned!

@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @RochakTweets @Benny_Dayal @neetimohan18 @guggss @GautiDiHatti @Ad7777Adil @AbirSenguptaa @monishaadvani @madhubhojwani @nikkhiladvani

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@monishaadvani @madhubhojwani @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar #DivyaKhoslaKumar #KrishanKumar @ashesinwind @ryanmstephen @TSeries @EmmayEntertain @ElectricApplesE @AAFilmsIndia

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Don't just groove! Sing along as you dance like a crazy! #HeeleinTootGayi Lyrical Version is out to make you sing and groove! Tune in now -

@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @AbirSenguptaa @Its_Badshah @GillAastha @GuruOfficial @adityadevmusic @Ad7777Adil

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@Ad7777Adil @monishaadvani @madhubhojwani @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar #DivyaKhoslaKumar #KrishanKumar @ashesinwind @ryanmstephen @TSeries @EmmayEntertain @ElectricApplesE @AAFilmsIndia

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#HeeleinTootGayi is breaking heels and topping charts around the world. It is the #1 most watched video worldwide in the past 24 hours. Tune in now -

@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @AbirSenguptaa @Its_Badshah @GillAastha @GuruOfficial @adityadevmusic

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#HeeleinTootGayi turns up the party groove as it crosses 20M+ views on YouTube! Tune in now -

@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @AbirSenguptaa @Its_Badshah @GillAastha @GuruOfficial @adityadevmusic @Ad7777Adil @monishaadvani @madhubhojwani @nikkhiladvani

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#IndooKiJawani’s latest song breaking heels and milestones around the world. All thanks to you, #HeeleinTootGayi is the 4th most watched video worldwide! Tune in now and start grooving! Watch now -

@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @AbirSenguptaa @Its_Badshah

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@GillAastha @GuruOfficial @adityadevmusic @Ad7777Adil @monishaadvani @madhubhojwani @nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar #DivyaKhoslaKumar #KrishanKumar @ashesinwind @ryanmstephen @TSeries @EmmayEntertain @ElectricApplesE @AAFilmsIndia

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@nikkhiladvani #BhushanKumar #DivyaKhoslaKumar #KrishanKumar @ashesinwind @ryanmstephen @TSeries @EmmayEntertain @ElectricApplesE @AAFilmsIndia

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Another feather in our cap. #HeeleinTootGayi trending now on YouTube! Thanks for all the love. Tune in now -

@AdityaSeal_ #MallikaDua @AbirSenguptaa @Its_Badshah @GillAastha @GuruOfficial @adityadevmusic @Ad7777Adil @monishaadvani @madhubhojwani

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