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$2,000 checks won’t boost the economy. Americans would be far better off if instead the president and Congress began imposing discipline on spending, write John F. Cogan and John B. Taylor

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Short-run economic assistance to individuals can be justified on humanitarian grounds, not on the discredited idea of stimulating the economy, write John F. Cogan and John B. Taylor

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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey admits that the last week has accelerated the erosion of a free and open internet that is one of America’s great achievements.

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The American Cancer Society reported that cancer mortality declined by a record 2.4% in 2018 and 31% since the 1991 peak. Credit better and earlier diagnostics and therapies and a decline in smoking.

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A mail-vote fiasco in Pennsylvania comes to an end, 70 days after the election.

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Will Biden take after Reagan’s example and listen to the other side’s concerns? It would be an important step toward the unity he has promised, writes Kenneth L. Khaghigian

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The most enduring way to address an extremist religious ideology is to recontextualize its teachings and reform it from within, writes Yahya Cholil Staquf

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This week Corporate America moved from captives of wokeness to active accomplices. The legal and political consequences may prove profound, writes @KimStrassel

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Nancy Pelosi’s first two legislative bills in the new Congress would consolidate Democratic power, writes The Editorial Board

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The sooner Republicans demystify Donald Trump, the better for them and for the country, writes @peggynoonannyc

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I’m doing so not to make a political statement, but in the hope that America can return to kitchen tables, churches, taverns, coffee shops—whatever it takes to look others in the eye and rebuild our communities and humanity, writes Rep. Chip Roy

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After a five-year hiatus, the State Department returned Cuba to its list of state sponsors of terrorism. What took so long?

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Trump committed the sort of offense the Founders had in mind for impeachment. But what powers hasn’t Congress already ceded to the executive branch? writes @josephsternberg

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The kind of extreme political rhetoric that helped radicalize the man who shot me in 2017 and the Capitol Hill rioters must end, writes @SteveScalise

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The CIA needs a housecleaning to perform as a less political, more effective intelligence organization. Biden’s nominee, William Burns, could pull it off, writes @FredFleitz

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Xavier Becerra has tried to bully nonprofits and religious organizations for years. As Biden’s health secretary, he could do real damage, write @NaomiSRiley and James Piereson

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Facial-recognition technology is here to stay. China demonstrates its dangers, but its use after the Capitol insurrection shows its promise, write Floyd Abrams and Lee Wolosky

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When it comes to kicking Trump out of office, Republicans should worry more about what’s right for the country than their own electoral futures, writes @jasonrileywsj

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