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New findings suggest the coronavirus was spreading around the world well before public health authorities and researchers became aware

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When it comes to President-elect Joe Biden’s foreign policy in Asia, Europe and Latin America, he is likely to focus on a few key issues #WSJWhatsNow

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Gunfire and explosions rocked a small Brazilian city when an armed gang of robbers broke into a bank, took hostages and fired their guns indiscriminately to keep police at bay. “It was a night of terror,” the police chief said.

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A California developer who runs funds focusing on affordable housing and some commercial real estate in minority neighborhoods around South Los Angeles is trying to raise $1 billion to invest in Black and Latino communities

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From @WSJopinion: The allegations against Dominion are bizarre. Its voting machines have no secret "vote flipping" algorithm. The company has no ties to dictator Hugo Chávez, writes CEO John Poulos.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will talk on the phone about coronavirus relief, while President Trump’s focus on challenging his election loss has injected more uncertainty into the legislative outcome

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Denmark ordered some 17 million mink killed to stop a mutation of Covid-19 that can resist vaccines. Some bodies have resurfaced from mass graves in gruesome fashion. Newspapers call them “zombie mink.”

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Airbnb plans to sell 50 million shares in an initial public offering that could give the home-rental company a valuation of as much as $35 billion. The San Francisco startup said it expects an offering price of between $44 and $50 a share.

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Iran's top security official said last week's deadly attack on the country's leading nuclear scientist was a remotely controlled ambush, which it has blamed on Israel. Here's how Tehran described the incident unfolding.

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Tony Hsieh, the former chief of Zappos, helped build the online shoe retailer with a model of customer service that rested on a simple premise: Make every customer as happy as possible, even at the expense of sales—in the short term

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In the latest proof of digital advertising’s meteoric rise, more than half of U.S. advertising spending is set to go to digital platforms such as Google and Facebook this year, as the coronavirus pandemic causes shifts in marketers’ strategy

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A top European Central Bank official privately called investors and lenders after policy decisions, an unusual effort to buttress the bank's communications, people familiar with the matter said

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Some patients with long-term Covid symptoms are getting more potential treatment options as doctors diagnose them with a little-known syndrome called POTS

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Nasdaq asked the SEC to let it require that listed companies have women and diverse directors on their boards

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The transformation of vehicles into giant smartphones is shifting up several gears, but investors shouldn’t be dazzled by parallels with more fashionable tech industries, @WSJheard explains #WSJWhatsNow

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Sephora plans to install 850 shops inside Kohl’s stores by 2023, upending the beauty retailer’s longstanding partnership with J.C. Penney

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Big cities’ economic recoveries are set back as the return-to-the-office move that had begun to gain traction has stalled

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An expert panel advising the federal government on Covid-19 vaccines is expected today to recommend who should get the first supplies

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New findings strengthen evidence suggesting the coronavirus was spreading around the world well before public-health authorities and researchers became aware #WSJWhatsNow

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Shares of several hospital systems finished November with their best performances in months, and some investors say their rally has legs

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