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Im a #girlsdad and new streamer @xboxambassadors (catch Me on @twitch at NoSferatu5280) and (@YouTube) Die hard Philadelphia @Eagles fan💯 #FlyEaglesFly

Colorado, USA

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Congratulations to @EricAllen619, named a semifinalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame!


Allen was one of my favorite eagles. I loved that 92 eagles defense.. that 92 eagles team.... by far my favorite uniforms

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Tape never lies
Reasons over excuses


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Omg Wentz' I's driving me crazy im getting grayer by the minute #PHIvsCLE

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Got drafted in the first round as a qb playing face of the franchise by the 49ers. Went 19-0 Won the Superbowl in my rookie year💯 #MaddenNFL21XboxOne #XboxShare

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The best is yet to come!! Thank you!!

Happy b day big guy

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You’d love this @RexChapman & so would so many others on here ❤️🙌

Together, we are stronger 💯awesome video

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Replying to @janemarielynch: Strange times.

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This kid hit a pitch AND a foul-ball from another field at exactly the same time.


Strange times.

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Go Do Ur Thang!!! No Need to prove ANYBODY WRONG! Just prove urself RIGHT!!
Forget the HATERS, they’re always gonna be there!
Wishing you nothing but success!
Let the game come to you! 🙅🏾‍♂️

Now we just need a T O comeback 💯

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#WhatRemainsofEdithFinch #XboxShare #XboxAmbsCreate This game has a good story line. Keeps you interested like a good book.

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Replying to @RexChapman: 5-years old.


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Replying to @FINALLEVEL: Lol... Too funny!

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5-years old.


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Lol... Too funny!

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#XboxAmbsCreate #SunsetOverdrive This game is way cooler than i thought it would be💯

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B Scott wyd smh let go #BALvsPHI

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Some day soon God please...I’m begging you.

This would be a great move #bringbackthesupersonics

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