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LEGO DOTS @LEGO_Group isn't just fun, but also improves their creative thinking, language skills and social development.

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“We are living with forest fires and leopards in the vicinity, but we feel safer than we did in the urban jungle”

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Dr Tanaya Narendra aka @DrCuterus answers all the awkward questions you're too embarrassed to ask your gynaecologist.
Head to Tweak India's Youtube channel to watch the video:


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Their personal hacks and the go-to products on their vanity

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8 exercise videos for every mood, even the “Who ate my slice of pizza?” rage monster

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Which is your favourite?

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It’s not just about the Kylie Jenner pout, experts reassure.

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Parents and kids swap screen time for playtime with LEGO DOTS
@LEGO_Group @durjoydatta @AbrolYuvika @RitchStyles

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Watch chef Vikas Khanna share his best-kept secrets to make any dish taste amazing on Tweak India's YouTube channel -

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Disappearing down the rabbit hole of book inscriptions

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Organic skincare, clothing and natural teethers #pregnancy #parenting #organic

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Having a bad hair day?

Head to Tweak India's Beauty board on Pinterest for all the hair care hacks and tips you need: #haircare #beautytips

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Sari superwoman! Just a friendly reminder that absolutely nothing can stop a woman who's got her eyes set on the prize. Thanks to National gold medalist gymnast @parul_cutearora for reminding us to stay focused on our #21Tweaks fitness challenge.

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The bitter truth behind your unfair treatment and recipes to change your mind. #vegetarian #recipes

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7 types of rest that every human needs (and your boss can't argue with).
Read the story to find out how to ensure you get a little bit of each:

Representative photo: Sonali Bendre/Instagram

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Start your day with fat and take the bus: 6 surprising weight loss tips you probably never thought of

Representative photo: Dominic Sansotta/Unsplash

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17 beautiful saris to gift the textile lovers in your life. Find our selection here:

Representative photo: Raw Mango/Instagram

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Tahira Kashyap Khurrana: You need patience and courage not to kill each other right after marriage.
Read an excerpt from her debut book, The 12 Commandments Of Being A Woman, here:

Photo: Ayushmann Khurrana/Instagram

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Twinkle Khanna @mrsfunnybones in conversation with Christopher Nolan via @YouTube

If you could ask Christopher Nolan a question, what would it be?

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