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A second wave of covid-19 has overwhelmed Manaus. Last September @sarahmaslin discovered how tribal communities in the Amazon were fighting the virus. From @1843mag

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The number of excess deaths is still greater than the number of covid-19 fatalities officially recorded by most countries

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Ireland and Spain have so far recorded fewer deaths during the second wave than during the first

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In October and November the number of deaths from covid-19 averaged 990 a day. In January, that figure has since risen to nearly 3,000

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Latin America, South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa account for 3.2bn of the world's nearly 8bn people—so far, just over 1m of them have been vaccinated

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On our “Babbage” podcast Vincent Riot, who works on the largest digital camera in the world @VRubinObs, tells @Eaterofsun that “hopefully we'll discover things that we don't even know about, or we can't even dream about”

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The African Continental Free Trade Area ties together the biggest number of member countries of any trade agreement since the establishment of the World Trade Organisation in 1995

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“Lasers pretty much are ubiquitous in almost every aspect of our lives.” @MikeDunne_LCLS says lasers have gone from ‘a solution looking for a problem’ to world-changing technology on our “Babbage” podcast

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In spare, insidiously direct prose, Patricia Highsmith shows just how natural it might feel to kill

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A hundred years after Patricia Highsmith’s birth @EmilyBobrow tells “The Intelligence” it is hard to disentangle the author’s demons from those of her characters

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Even if a solution can be found soon—and that does not look easy—the outcome could be a government that is shaky or explosive

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Storming Delhi’s Red Fort is the moment with which India’s farmers’ protest movement will be forever identified

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“Biden is ahead of pace of all his seven predecessors.” On “Checks and Balance”, @kdtenpas says the new president’s speed in staffing his administration will help him deal with the multiple crises he faces

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Vladimir Putin still commands the television channels that helped him to come to power, but it is Alexei Navalny who dominates politics on Russia’s internet

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Some think vaccination passports are a quick route back to normal life. Others worry that they will be unfair and divisive

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Despite its prizewinning credentials, “The White Tiger” tends to divide Indian readers—and so it will on the screen

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“I wouldn't be surprised if solar ends up being 50% of the world’s electricity by 2050.” Analyst @solar_chase tells @Eaterofsun that the energy form is currently “the cheapest source of electricity in many countries.”

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What will happen to the Republican Party? @CindyMcCain, a member of the Biden-Harris transition advisory council and widow of Republican Senator John McCain, tells “The Economist Asks” podcast “this party may split”

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Joe Biden takes office at a grim time for America. What should the world expect from his presidency? Our cover this week

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