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Slurrp Farm is made with ❤️ by two mother's. To make mealtimes and snacktimes healthy, tasty and fun! For our children and yours. Available on Amazon India


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Dear UK peeps! So many of you have reached out to us and asked when when when - so we have some awesome news. Our Millet Pancakes and Millet Dosas are available on amazonuk! megslurrpfarm and @ShauraviMalik dreamed…

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Dr. Arun Wadha, New Delhi's renowned pediatrician will share key quick fixes to boost immunity in children.

He will also share insights on baby and child immunization - the importance plus mandatory vaccines for…

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Thank you!

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@FableStreet & @SlurrpFarm : Making A Difference

a collaborative effort where we bring you stories of brands that are Indian in design & essence, and those that bring a uniqueness to the local community. #vocalforlocal #shoplocal #madeinindia #FableStreet #slurrpfarm

Fab campaign by one of our favourite Indian brands @FableStreet

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Made pancakes for dad today
It was his 57th bday ! #dad #birthdaywishes #PancakeDay

Thanks you @SlurrpFarm it was super delightful !

Happy Birthday Mr. Sharma!

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Thank you @SlurrpFarm for delivering the baby food within 8 days during lockdown. My son loves it 😀

Thrilled to see this! Thanks for sharing!

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Why do we need to create awareness around #sustainable #food such as #millets? Here's why:
1. What does each #millet look like?
2. Whether they can be consumed throughout the year...
3. How they are meant to be eaten?

#ClimateCrisis #sustainableLiving

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#Millets are imbued with nutritional benefits which have led to these grains being posited as a one-stop solution to resolve the crisis of #malnourishment and #foodsecurity issues. Read our #MilletWhotePaper (part 1)

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Meethey Chawal is easy to make. Flavored with saffron, garnished with nuts, a visual treat for eyes and an absolute delight for our belly. #HappyBaisakhi

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Repost: thank you kanepotaka @SmartFoodGlobal! What to eat in lock down?
"I enjoyed a filling ragi breakfast just 2 minutes in the microwave and then a lunch treat with Ragi,…

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Have to give in to #PackagedSnacks? It's not the end of the world. Here's a checklist of #FoodIngredients to look for & those to avoid. We hope it comes handy next time you are at the #grocery store: @HuffingtonPost #wednesdaymorning #healthylifestyle

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At @SlurrpFarm, we reaffirm our strong commitment to #GenderEquality. All our #womenemployees have access to full & effective participation, equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of #decisionmaking. At #SlurrpFarm, we celebrate #WomenLeadership every day!

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February was an action-packed month for at #SlurrpFarm. We were at @Gulfood Exhibitions 2020 Innovation Summit. Theme being #RethinkingFood towards a #SustainableFuture: #FridaysForFuture #sustainability #SustainableAgriculture

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According to the proposed new agriculture policy, the cultivation of teff & #chia has been brought under the 'Raitha Siri' scheme under which incentive will be provided for cultivation of #DroughtResistant #ClimateSmart varieties such as minor #millets:

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Hon'ble Agriculture Minister encourages the promotion of #millets & pulses cultivation. To also introduce millets in public distribution system & #midday meals! What a great initiative. #SustainableDevelopment #ClimateSmart #Supergrains @NewIndianXpress

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Read on to know how our #cofounders
& #MeghanaNarayan are motivating other #womenentrepreneurs, #trailblazers who are driving amazing conversations, #revolutions & impact, around the world: #millets, #foundedbytwomums @sheroes @Sairee

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Replying to @ShauraviMalik: We are on a mission to help improve the health statistics and nutrition intake of kids by making high quality, #junkfree

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We are on a mission to help improve the health statistics and nutrition intake of kids by making high quality, #junkfreefood. Know more about our initiative featured in @TheNational: #ChildObesity #Malnutrition #SayNoToJunk #HealtyLiving #HealthyFood

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🚨7 days to go🚨
Have you registered yet?

Join us for #TheDialoguebyNSRCEL on 22nd February 2020 and meet our line up of #femalefounders at WeWork, 32nd Milestone by signing up here


#startupsofNCR #startupIndia #WhenWomenLead

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We are at Stall B6, Hall 5, Powerbrands at @Gulfood. For those who are attending, don't miss today's session on 'Blueprints for a healthier tomorrow' which is being moderated by our #Cofounder @ShauraviMalik.
#Gulfood #Gulfood2020 #dubai #dwtc #keynote #foodtech

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On 16th, @ShauraviMalik will be moderating the panel discussion focusing on a healthier tomorrow at @Gulfood hosted by @DWTC_official. For more, click: #Gulfood #Gulfood2020 #dubai #dwtc #keynote #foodtech

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