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Christians who claim that genocide of the Canaanites was just fine but that same act is a moral atrocity when directed at Jews or Tutsis today have no right to accuse anyone else of moral relativism.

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Quoted @Goodbye_Jesus

Unspoken Church Rule: If you do something that is an embarrassment to our message, you need to drop out of sight.

Years ago I read a survey on why highly active church members left church. The #1 reason was they or someone in their family had done something morally embarrassing.

In 1965, when "The Sound of Music" came to the small town where my colleague Allan lived, his family drove 30 miles to the next town with a theater. They couldn't risk the scandal of being seen going to the movies in their own town.

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Back in the 90s, I asked the waitress at Ricky's Family Restaurant how the vegetarian breakfast differed from the standard breakfast. Her answer: "We don't give you the ham."

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The Bible is not a children's book. And I've never been able to reconcile myself to the ethics of "children's Bibles". Can the bombing of Hiroshima or the liberation of Auschwitz meaningfully be edited for children?

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Writing my 13th book, I currently feel like I'm two-thirds of the way up Everest, exhausted. But there's no turning back now: nothing to do but keep climbing, knowing that when I finally reach the summit with a full manuscript, I can switch to typesetting and copyediting.

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Replying to @ssnbbr: @davenewworld_2 New MAGA Bestseller

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"Jesus is the Rationalization for the Treason" would be more accurate but it doesn't rhyme and it doesn't play off an over-used fundamentalist Christmas slogan.

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Christians who object to the Canaanite genocide are not exhibiting "modern" sensibilities. They are exhibiting *moral* sensibilities.

Big difference.

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Quoted @POLITICOEurope

What happened with Navalny?

His return to Russia started with his plane landing at a different airport than expected.

He was detained there, and is now in a make-shift courtroom inside a police station.

An impromptu hearing is underway 👇

Six months ago, Putin tried to kill him by poisoning. As soon as Navalny had recovered sufficiently, he returned to Moscow and was immediately placed on trial. Navalny has more courage in his fingernail clippings than I'll ever know. Extraordinary.

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Did you ever street evangelize because that's what 'real Christians' do?

Were you fearful that you'd be 'left behind' if you didn't?

Did you smash your 'secular' rock albums under duress?

Behold, my theological memoir of growing up fundagelical!

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@davenewworld_2 New MAGA Bestseller

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Quoted @NaomiBiden

Ready for #Indoguration

From a president who calls women dogs to one who just loves dogs.

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Yesterday, new footage of the terrorists in the Capitol was released. At one point, after failing to find the politicians they want to murder, one goon says, "Well, we might as well set up a government."

A glass-is-half-full chap, I like that.

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Quoted @kaitlancollins

Sen. Lindsey Graham says on Fox News that President Trump shouldn't pardon anyone involved in the siege on the Capitol. "I think it would destroy President Trump and I hope we don't go down that road."

The fact that Graham is good friends with a politician that he realizes might pardon white terrorists tells you all you need to know about both Trump and Graham.

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Quoted @AdamParkhomenko

Let’s get this 10,000 retweets. It’s worth every single one of the nine minutes to watch.

This guy's like one of those old-time cult deprogrammers hired by some worried parents (America) to save their brainwashed daughter (Republicans) from the death cult (MAGA) and its toxic leader (Trump). He just nabbed her selling flowers on Redondo Beach. This is his pitch:

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Preaching protip: worry about exegeting your points before you worry about alliterating them.

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Replying to @jamierauser: Alberta Government: Stop Open-Pit Mining from happening around the Canadian Rockies! - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/udM…

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Alberta Government: Stop Open-Pit Mining from happening around the Canadian Rockies! - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange

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Wait, someone told me you haven't read my latest book, "Conversations with My Inner Atheist." Whoa, is that true? Friend, you can have these 25 questions answered for a mere four bucks on Kindle! How can you say no?

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