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Tom Brady looks like this when he throws.

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This why you're a clown and your takes are ridiculous. You go after Trubisky for the same thing Wentz has been doing for 5 yrs, yet you give Wentz a pass and blame everyone else for his blatant mistakes. You are a big joke.

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Quoted @danorlovsky7

How after 3 years in the #NFL and 5 weeks of sitting out can this still happen?
To the coach and the player-you either allow it or you coach it. @ChicagoBears this!! #NFLGamepass

This why Orlovsky has no credibility.

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This demoralizes the team, your WRs young or old have no faith he can get them the ball. That's when you stop seeing them work hard. Can't keep blaming everyone else for this stuff.

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This stuff has been a constant with Wentz even in his MVP yr. People glossed over it because the team was winning but it was still there. He was never worth being the #2 overall pick. When I see this I see his pre-draft scouting report and nothing's changed.

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Quoted @SportsRadioWIP

.@BaldyNFL illustrating a bad decision bad Carson Wentz.

This is just insane. And you have people blaming everyone else but this guy. "It's not his fault" "it's the coaches" "it's the playcalling" "he has no WRs", I even heard that hes too heavy, he has too much muscle so its messing with his mechanics, WHAT!?

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Where my Wentz cult at????🤣🤣🤣🤣 #SEAvsPHI

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The Eagles paid 128M for this #SEAvsPHI

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This was last year. So what's different this year Wentz fans? You still using the same lame excuses.

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Bradys caught CW19, causes multiple INTs and turnovers.

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Its waaaaay past time.

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What can we get from Indy for Wentz? #PHIvsCLE

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$123million trash dumpster #PHIvsCLE

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There is no room left, no more arguments left for Wentz to be starting QB on this team. ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!

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This what 123million gets you now days? #PHIvsCLE

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Hey Howie, Lurie looks like 123 million well spent.

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Taysom Hill is having a better game today than Carson Wentz last 3 yrs. #PHIvsCLE

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This dude sits in his own endzone like hes on the 50yrd line, just patting the ball. He has no field presence, get out of there. 2yrs worth of draft picks and $123 million wasted, SMH. #PHIvsCLE

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Unless you're starting Hurts at QB stop with the option stuff. #PHIvsNYG

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Giants haven't scored but 2 TDs so the bleeding was stopped. Carson not being able to get this team even into FG range is despicable, time to pull the plug on this dude. Give Hurts his chance see what he can do, it's time. #PHIvsNYG

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