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Native American Heritage Day is a day to remember Indigenous people deserve so much more. It was the votes of Native Americans that helped vote out white supremacy this election cycle. Their voices must be amplified and honored. #November27 #NativeAmericanHeritageDay

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My YouTube channel crossed 10k subs! #10kcreator

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This #Thanksgiving2020, help me raise $50K to help 5-10 elder Black Panther activists like my aunt Pam, whose only safety net is the one we make. Any gift is helpful, be it $10, $100, $1,000, or $10,000.

Give back, give Black.

Spread the word.

Give today.

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I just signed this petition on OrganizeFor with @ColorOfChange. Will you join me? #O4 via @ColorOfChange

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Sending all my love to folks who have lost loved ones to covid19 as well as folks who have incarcerated loved ones. This holiday season is especially tender for us. #Grateful for my family and promising to hold them tight.

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2. If you and others are able, donate to Indigenous Rights Organizations.
3. Do not use decorations that are appropriations or caricatures of Native American culture.

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1. Do research about the land you are currently on and the people who cared for it for generations. I live in Los Angeles, on Gabrielino/Tongva and Tataviam land! Share your findings at the dinner table with your loved ones.

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, aka Thanks-TAKING, a day that has often masked the atrocities against Indigenous people of this land (USA). Let's do our part in acknowledging the resilience of Indigenous people on this day and every day:

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"I can't be a singular expression of myself, there's too many parts, too many spaces, too many manifestations, too many lines, too many curves, too many troubles, too many journeys, too many mountains, too many rivers, so many" - Solange Knowles

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November 24th 1865. Mississippi passed the "Black Codes" which kept Black people from owning guns, testifying in court and attending white schools. Eventually other southern states followed suit. #BLM #BlackHistory

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As we begin to witness a spike in Covid cases we have to remind ourselves of the terrible conditions in our jails. Visit this site to see how you can take action towards getting justice. 

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My brother, Sergio Marcial, passed away today. When you read the number of people who died today, think of him. He is not a number. He is my brother, and he taught me to fight for LGBTQ and immigrant rights. He also fought for Black Lives through @ReformLAJails. #RIPBRO

Love you Julio. And love you Sergio. So moved by him and his work with us.

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"It's our educational environments that shape human beings."

@OsopePatrisse, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and co-author of WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST, at #NCTE20

Happening now!

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A new YouTube Originals series examines issues of cash bail, unlawful arrest, over-policing in Black and brown communities and mass incarceration as they follow @osopePatrisse and other organizers. Watch with us on @YouTube: #ResistOnYT #Ad

Thank you @CassiusLife_ for uplifting the team in Los Angeles County.

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“I get death threats every day, reminding me that Black lives don't matter... But the reality is, is that Black people's pro-Blackness is about the liberation, not just of Black people, but everybody.” @OsopePatrisse @MichelMcQMartin @Blklivesmatter

Thank you for having me.

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Note to Biden Administration: Don’t take Black voters for granted, writes @OsopePatrisse

We are waiting to have our convo with @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris.

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our co founder and executive director tells us why the #BreatheAct must be passed.

We must pass the #BreatheAct

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We know you are running out of quaratine content to tune into! We got you! #ResistOnYT is now available. A 12 part Docuseries to uplift the voices of activist working to change LA's Justice system! #YoutubeOriginals

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Join us as we discuss my memoir #WhenTheyCallYouaTerrorist this Thursday! All donations go towards The Black Lives Matter Global Foundation. Hope you can be a part of this conversation.

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Follow @OsopePatrisse and fellow organizers as they examine the issues of cash bail, over-policing in Black and brown neighborhoods and more in the new YouTube Originals series #RESISTonYT. Watch the full trailer here:

Thank you @YouTube - @britrican and @dreamhampton worked on this project to lift up the work of @JusticeLANow @BLMLA @YouthJusticeLA @PowerDignity to lift up so many organizers and their work to challenge the largest jailer in the world - Los Angeles. #ResistOnYT

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