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Official account of Mumbai Police. For any emergency, Dial 100

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समान छायाचित्र वापरून बनावट ऑनलाईन खाते बनवणाऱ्यांपासून सावधान!

समाज माध्यमांवर अनेकदा बनावट खात्याच्या माध्यमातून पैसे मागण्याचा प्रकार घडल्याचे लक्षात आले आहे. या फसवणुकीला बळी पडू नका, पैसे पाठवण्याआधी खात्री करा.

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The facebook faceoff!

Clone/similar looking accounts are made using profile picture and public information. Requests are sent to friends and relatives and requests for money soon follow.

Confirm in person before transferring any amount!


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मुंबई पोलीस - सर्व परिस्थितीत आपले 'सहप्रवासी'!

एका ६५ वर्षीय व्यक्तीने त्यांच्या मुलीच्या ऑपरेशनसाठी जमा केलेली ₹८२,००० पेक्षा जास्त रक्कम बसच्या प्रवासात गहाळ झाली. ही माहिती पंतनगर पोलीस ठाण्याच्या जवानांना मिळताच त्यांनी सखोल तपास करून ती रक्कम परत मिळवली.

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With You - In Every Ride!

A 65-year old man lost more than ₹82,000 cash in a bus ride. He had saved the money for his daughter’s operation.

Police personnel from Pant Nagar PStn took swift action to recover the money, which was then handed over to him.


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बनावट संकेतस्थळांपासून सावधान!

बनावट संकेतस्थळांच्या माध्यमातून २२००० पेक्षा जास्त व्यक्तींची, ₹७०,००,००० रुपयांची, फसवणूक करणाऱ्या व्यक्तीस मुंबई सायबर पोलिसांनी गुजरात येथून अटक केले आहे.


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Don't Fall In The Dark Web Of Fake Sites!

Mumbai Cyber Police arrested an IT expert from Gujarat, busting a fake online shopping racket.

Using fake websites selling household items, accused duped 22,000+ people for more than ₹70 lakh.


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Guard yourself against testing bouncers for a victory 'Down Under'.

Be the Che-mpion of safety. Wear a helmet. Always.

#BeatTheBouncers #RoadSafety #AUSvsIND

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Replying to @CPMumbaiPolice: 'Crank' up your cyber security level by avoiding clicking on suspicious links.


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'Crank' up your cyber security level by avoiding clicking on suspicious links.


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सीटबेल्ट आणि सुरक्षेची जोडी अतूट आहे!
'व्रुम' करण्याआधी 'क्लिक' करा.

#WearASeatBelt #RoadSafety

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Never let your safety on road, unexposed.
Wear seatbelt for a picture perfect composition.

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अटक झाल्यावरचे 'दृश्य' फार सुखद नसेल.
मद्यपान करून वाहन चालवू नका.


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'Fizz-y' vision?
Don't put your safety on the rocks. Avoid getting behind that wheel.


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मुंबई पोलिसच्या जवानांना नागरिकांची सेवा अधिक उत्तम रीतीने करता यावी याकरिता मास्क पुरवून साहाय्य केल्याबद्दल @DPWorldIndia@Samhitadotorg यांचे आभार.


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We thank @DPWorldIndia and @Samhitadotorg for contributing masks and helping Mumbai Police personnel serve the city better.


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मद्यपान करणे व वाहन चालवणे- या दोन कृतींचे 'कॉकटेल' कधीच होऊ देऊ नका.


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Drinking and riding is a deadly cocktail.
Never fuel up on alcohol before a ride.
#FuelUpOnSafety #DontDrinkAndDrive

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Quoted @Anurag_Lodha1

@MumbaiPolice Is Kite Flying allowed in Mumbai ?

Certainly sir. Though the use of nylon manjha is prohibited. We hope you have a colourful and festive day ahead, with your kites soaring high in the sky. #HappyMakarSankranti2021

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Quoted @kanthariasagar

@MumbaiPolice Also please tell me is it allowed to ride a bicycle on Juhu beach ? Or is there some rule and if there is where can we see it ?

All outdoor activities are permitted with social distancing and similar mandatory precautions in order to safeguard oneself and others from #coronavirus

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