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#NewYearSnore Ƶƶ( ̄▵—▵ ̄)

A more laid back edition of @mmorse1017. #Batman fan, #MSTie, Level 40 #PokemonGO player, #LupinThe3rd fan, and #ToonamiFaithful. SW-3820-5689-4300 (─‿‿─)

Virginia, USA

Joined on 24 March, 2019

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“And this is my prayer, that your love may overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight to help you to determine what is best, so that in the day of Christ you may be pure and blameless,”
Philippians 1:9-10 NRSV

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How to watch The King of Queens reunion tribute to Jerry Stiller |

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WandaVision's Perfect Line About Grief Fixes The MCU's Problem With Death

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Quoted @girlfromcanada

Newsflash: Women do not share their abuse or harassment for “clout” - they do it to heal, support others and many other reasons

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Quoted @Dastanovich_


Disturbing behavior from Shonen Otaku. Not surprised. The guy is delusional.

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He already told you he hacked his Vita and modded it to play the English version of #CatherineFullBody. That’s the only way you can play on the Vita. Atlus isn’t releasing an English version on the Vita in North America. #ShonenOtaku

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Quoted @PokeGainz

I'm Psychic and Water. What's your?

Dark and Fighting! 😃 #Pokemon25

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"I Came As A Shadow" And The Defining Legacy Of Coach John Thompson - The Kojo Nnamdi Show

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Quoted @AngelFireStar

An old piece I did a few years back. This is part 1 of Sanji-san's birthday celebration 🎉 #ONEPIECE
#SANJI #sanjiweek2021 #SanjiVinsmoke

Awesome Sanji! 😃 #OnePiece

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Quoted @OOCCouchGags

Man, get ready to see the eBay prices for this go up extremely high after March.

Glad I ordered my copy yesterday! 🤣 #SuperMario3DAllStars

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Quoted @ciswoman

to everyone who says “oh, super mario 64 sucks, the camera is terrible”, how do you think that makes him feel????

he’s just trying his best okay? i’m friends with him and he’s crying right now. grow up

Poor little guy! 😭 #SuperMario64

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Quoted @blackkwolfee

not everyone was having sex and battling drug addictions in high school why can’t teen drama shows be normal

A reason why I never got into shows like that. Lazy and overused stereotypes.

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Quoted @getFANDOM

'Hogwarts Legacy' will reportedly have trans-inclusive character creation

Players will be able to customize their character’s voice, body type and gender separately

(via @business | )

Basically, saying F you #JKRowling! 😂 #HogwartsLegacy

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Quoted @MisterCoat

Yes, Dr Seuss drew some really horrible and racist cartoons. That should be acknowledged.

What should also be acknowledged is he changed his views later in life, which is what resulted in stories like Horton Hears a Who and The Sneetches.

Both the good and bad should be explored of an historical figure because there is always a lesson to be found. #DrSeussDay

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Quoted @bolt7

It looks like #LupinIII VS #DetectiveConan: The Movie may be getting an English language dub - with an all-star cast!

It is likely more news will be revealed at Discotek Media's live stream event next week, on the 8th of March.

This is awesome if true! 😃 #LupinIIIvsDetectiveConan

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