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Quoted @ABC7NY

New York City SantaCon canceled due to COVID pandemic

We can go ahead and make this a permanent cancellation

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Honestly, I’d have the Ravens forfeit...apparently these teams have not got the message. There are zero good options with rescheduling the game

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Quoted @RapSheet

Sources: #Ravens star QB Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID-19.

That’s definitely not good for them....and it’s all falling apart because of one ignorant individual on their staff

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Sweat on one side and Young on the other side is the best young pass rushing duo in the league #WASvsDAL

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I’m thankful for starting A.Gibson today on my fantasy team #WASvsDAL

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Quoted @wingoz

The contract for Zeke looks worse every game.

Amazing how that production dropped like a rock when the talent on the OL declined

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I’m going to be using Mike McCarthy as yet another example of why hiring head coaches with head coaching experience means nothing. It carries the same risk as a first timer

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That wasn’t worse than Indy’s fake punt but it’s up there #WASvDal

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Pollard see the field a lot for a team that handed its starting RB a 90 million contract extension last year #WASvDal

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This #Washington team reminds me of the 2014 #Bills. Elite DL, above average to below everywhere else

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Whoever wins the NFC East is going to go into next year with a very distorted view of where their franchise is compared to the rest of the #NFL

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Quoted @Espngreeny

Jim Caldwell was fired because the geniuses who run the #Lions thought they should be going deep in the playoffs. They were 36-28 in his four seasons. They are now 13-29-1 since.

And a guy like Adam Gase gets a 2nd shot meanwhile Caldwell hasn’t been able to sniff a second opportunity yet

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Quoted @greggrosenthal

Romeo Crennel is absolutely going to be the Texans’ head coach next year.

He will not be....

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Normally I root for Detroit on #Thanksgiving but I’m pulling for the #Texans so it drops that Miami draft pick and hopefully it puts Patricia one step closer to the door so the #Lions can get a real HC

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Replying to @awfulannouncing: Charles McDonald reveals how barred writer Manish Mehta took credit for his observations and collected quotes https://…

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Quoted @TyDunne

Up at Go Long: "The Pressure is on Josh Allen"

* Bills were far closer to drafting Mahomes than anyone knew

* Allen's contagious "warrior mentality"

* @kurt13warner on "mental" ceiling

* The power of belief

Part I:

Part II:

The peek behind the curtain from @TyDunne on the #Bills really is something else. So many questions answered and so many more created. It’s a good look into how all these decisions have moving parts and trying to get them to a linear point is very difficult #BillsMafia

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Quoted @TeamJuJu

First the NFL takes away our bye week because another team can’t get their Covid situation together, now they take away our Thanksgiving primetime game for the same reason. Smh.

Wait til you see what they do to the salary cap next year....

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Charles McDonald reveals how barred writer Manish Mehta took credit for his observations and collected quotes

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Quoted @BuffaloBills

"@SteveTasker89 is the greatest special teams player of all-time and there's no argument about it."

We're here for this energy, @KyleBrandt. ✊ #BillsMafia

No lies found #BillsMafia

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Quoted @AaronWilson_NFL

Texans add center Cohl Cabral to practice squad, cut Kendall Futrell

Good add, I’m a fan of his, was hoping the #Bills would snag him for their PS

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