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❄️ Winter Voucher ! ❄️We are providing a range of support to families financially impacted by #coronavirus, including vouchers at local supermarkets to help with their food costs ahead of the Christmas holiday! Here's more ➡️ @MarcusRashford

📍Telford and Wrekin Council

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Replying to @AldiUK: Whether it’s a full fresh turkey or a crown, help us tackle food poverty by purchasing yours from your local Aldi this Christma…

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Quoted @5_News

The eight-year-old girl spreading Christmas cheer by collecting gifts for children going without this holiday.

Teagan-Rose inspired classmates and businesses to donate presents to @WoodSt_Mission - she even caught the attention of Marcus Rashford.

#WoodStXmas | @MarcusRashford

My favourite line ‘It makes me feel excited to help them’...

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🗣 Calling all Local Authorities

Following conf of £170M Gov investment I want to help to communicate on your hunger-related schemes this winter. Families need assurances. Tag me so I can repost and please fill out the form so we can map out help avail.

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Quoted @Raff1C

@MarcusRashford my 9yr old Neve was inspired to help to others in our community and ran 4.4 miles collecting lots of food and toiletries to donate to our local foodbank! So proud 🥰

Incredible Neve! Well done and thank you ♥️

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Quoted @TaylorBr08

Ever since I told Troy that @MarcusRashford likes to read, all he does is read! Took himself to bed last night and even asked for 10 minutes longer 🥺 so glad he’s chose such a positive role model ❤️

That’s my guy, I see you Troy ♥️

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Quoted @MattDye83

@MarcusRashford Hi Marcus, after seeing you on the news, my son has been running a mile a day through lockdown 2 to raise money for Watford Foodbank. He’s raised almost £1,300 and thought you would want to know!

What a hero, well done Finley ♥️

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Whether it’s a full fresh turkey or a crown, help us tackle food poverty by purchasing yours from your local Aldi this Christmas. For every fresh turkey sold, we'll donate £1 to the Neighbourly Foundation ❤

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Quoted @MariahCarey

No Scrooges allowed! It's time to get festive!!! 🎉🎄💖

The 👸🏼 of Christmas has spoken...

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Quoted @JofraArcher

I don’t want to hear any Christmas music till week after next

Hey Scrooge @JofraArcher guess what I’m listening to👇🏾

Mums, dads, send me a vid of your little ones dancing to this track and make sure to tag Jof to get him in the Christmas spirit. Go, go, go...

@MariahCarey 🎄

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Help them to feel good about what they are doing by continuing to tag me. I’ll try and share as many as I can ♥️

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.@jlandpartners and @waitrose #GiveALittleLove campaign is the best example. We need to celebrate kind gestures. They make us feel good so let’s share them. Just like Caleb, and Teddy, and Jacob. All special little boys who take pride in helping others. Look at their smiles 🤩

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Don’t ever think you can’t contribute because we all play a role in making this country the best place for our children to grow up in. To prepare them with everything they need to succeed in life.

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Small acts of kindness can go a really long way. There is a lot of power in understanding and compassion. A listening ear and a kind word is sometimes all it takes...

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Quoted @jacob_manutd

@MarcusRashford @FareShareUK @FareShareGtrM Jacob seen the good work from you guys and wanted to help out himself,so we decided to run 20km and Jacob did it in 4 runs and raised over £180,that’s also his @wbhospice scarecrow he made of the man himself

Bless you Jacob, thank you ♥️

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Quoted @ClaireyBatesy

@MarcusRashford Hi Marcus. My son Teddy (5) was inspired by you and raised £195 from his homemade Christmas decorations to help you “buy more lunches for children who need them”. He donated the money to FareShare (after we explained it would be tricky to give the money to you in person!)

Yes Teddy, what a great idea. Love this!! Well done ♥️

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A big shout out to Carl, thank you mate x

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Morning all! I get weekly updates from @FareShareUK and wanted to share that as of Friday, FareShare are distributing 8️⃣2️⃣6️⃣6️⃣7️⃣0️⃣2️⃣ meals per week to our most vulnerable. This winter is going to be SO tough for many, find out how you can help here👇🏾♥️

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Quoted @FareShareGtrM

A parcel arrived today and it was full of #kindness and inspiration @MarcusRashford
Happy 10th Birthday Caleb 🎂⚽️ #lockdownBirthday

Happy birthday Caleb, your mum must be very proud of you. I tell you what, FareShare will get the boots to me, I’ll sign them and you get to keep them as a birthday gift from me to you. I’ll donate the money you would have raised. Thank you for being kind ♥️

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Quoted @jackcnason

Confirmation that @MarcusRashford is a legend (not that he hadn’t already confirmed that).

This actually killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the similarities 🤩 @JKCorden

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.@BritishGQ x @BootstrapCook 🏆
Watch the full video now 👇🏾

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