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If it smells, walks and talks like a coup d'etat..

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Quoted @jimmykimmel

And that’s that.

This is how many of us feel....not only to Trump's exit, but for White Supremacist's eventual extinction.

The nation is Ultra 4K, 21st century.

We are no longer black and white, 1950's MAGA.

Goodbye, indeed.

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Quoted @uhchelsc

Indigenous/Native American/American Indians will be heard & they will be seen

Ready for an Exceptionalism popping song?


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Quoted @ladyogrady

Absolute mic drop. I’d love to hear someone answer this question.

It does make you wonder....

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Quoted @SethAbramson

(THREAD) Over the past week, this feed has compiled over 250 major-media reports about the January 6 insurrection Trump incited. Evidence of a four-pronged seditious conspiracy has emerged. I summarize this evidence—all previously posted—here. I hope you will read on and RETWEET.

Must read thread by Seth who does a terrific job connecting the dots of Trump's coup d'etat, with preliminary information that has emerged implicating numerous individuals. Follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole, and immerse yourself in a conspiracy of sedition.

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Great timeline by @BillMoyers outlining the coup's collusion, stand downs, sabotage that directly correlate with a conspiracy to overthrow the US government and decapitate its leadership, orchestrated by Trump.

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Quoted @DieSegenvonWael

F*cking losing it 😂😭😂😭😂😭

A Cast of Patsies only America can manufacture.

While the men in suits, the men that sit behind elegant desks, the men that planned a coup d'etat, sip on wine and smoke cigars.

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Moving to Parler about as fast as the Nazis moved to Argentina when the Russians entered Berlin.

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An attempt at decapitating US government leadership, which includes him, under cover of MAGA clown show coup d'etat does tend to do that.

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System knows Trump orchestrated coup with help from DOD, DHS, law enforcement. 25th has been invoked, classified to keep nation from exploding. Must condition us first. MAGA pawns are being blamed. If known Depts were involved, Exceptionalism bubble pops. This coup is conspiracy.

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What are the chances 25th Amendment has already been invoked and kept classified?

Trump heading to Camp David seems strange. Never goes there.

Trump rather quiet today even with no access to social media. Has the state forced social media silencing of Trump? #25thAmendment 1/2

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This was a Reichstag Fire 2.0 inside job with full logistical and tactical cooperation between Trump, DHS, DOD, Capitol/DC police designed to sabotage EC certification and enact a coup d'etat. #CoupAttempt

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Quoted @DrTomFrieden

There have been at least 400,000 more deaths in 2020 than in 2019—a staggering 15% increase. The largest yearly increase since 1919.

If you want to know the real Covid19 death count:

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Quoted @gayblackvet

How US history What actually
is taught happened

What we think versus what we are.

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Quoted @leftist_sam

The $600 check .

Even the Pomeranian knows pathetic crumbs when it sees it.

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Quoted @vinn_ayy

The Galactic Federation interviews Earth for membership

Primitive and primates we remain, even beyond our own hubris and denial.

We have millennia, MILLENNIA, to go, before being invited into the Galactic Federation.

It's a club we are a long way from joining.

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Quoted @Public_Citizen

Percent of wages currently subsidized by governments due to COVID:

Japan: 100% for small businesses; 80% for large firms

Netherlands: Up to 90%

Norway: Up to 90%

Germany: Up to 87%

France: Up to 84%

Italy: 80%

United Kingdom: Up to 80%

Canada: Up to 75%

United States: 0%

Prima facie evidence defining two distinct and mutually exclusive ways of thinking, and why the US is headed towards implosion and eventual collapse.

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Quoted @songadaymann

I'm often not the best judge of these things, but I think this is the best remix I've done.

This is some good shit.

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Quoted @johncusack

We said brother :)

Couldn't have said it better myself....

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