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New profile pic ..

Tell me if it's too gay

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Last night was Hobnob's

Tonight is Digestives

W or L ?

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I'm going on a HUGE unfollowing spree....

I'm unfollowing everybody except 1 person .... Reply to be considered πŸ₯Ά

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Signings ....

Will that performance make them get someone in or will we settle for top 4 finish ?

#MUFC πŸ”΄

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This season's premier League is how it feels to be a Championship team fan.

It's wide open but city are kind of Norwich now 😭

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Wednesday can't come soon enough man. 😭

Need a mega performance and 4 goals.

#MUFC πŸ”΄βœ…πŸ’―

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There are many positions you can play on the football pitch.

You can be the best at one of them yes I agree.

But this doesn't make you the best player in the world it just makes you the best at that position.

The Ballon d'Or is very unfair in favouring attacker's in my opinion

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More people hate United than any other club in the Premier League...

It's called being the biggest club in the league and not paying rent in any of their heads.

#MUFC πŸ”΄βœ…πŸ’―

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AWB when he tries to take on more than 1 defender :

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Bruno Fernandes Does alot of good things for our club no doubt he is a brilliant player ....

But the more rounded player is KDB.

That's my honest opinion on the matter.

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I don't care who we play in the Prem anymore...

We HAVE to keep to our best line up and stop benching players after they have played well and caused problems.

It's really disrupting any attacking flow.

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We looked more dangerous with Edison Cavani on the pitch ...

He is our main Striker

Do you agree ?

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Today's draw is only ok if we beat Fulham on Wednesday.

Do you agree ?

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I'm looking at that match thinking....

Yer we need 1 or 2 players to genuinely have a chance of winning the league this year.

What will they do ?

#MUFC πŸ”΄

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Why do people compare players ...

I've never seen anything so pointless in my whole life 😭

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League title's are decided by going and getting the points.

Not relying on sh*t teams to take points off the rivals.

Man City will win tonight simpleπŸ‘

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We have played Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and City Twice and scored 1 goal .....

It was a penalty.

You can't win the title like that πŸ₯Ά

Just saying πŸ‘

#MUFC πŸ”΄

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You might hate me for this but that is 1 goal in 6 matches against any of the big 6

And Bruno Fernandes has Ghosted every single time and now for 3 weeks straight.

#MUFC πŸ”΄

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2 changes to make at half time :

1.Stop giving it away stupidly

2.Stop running offside

#MUFC πŸ”΄

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