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Once kicked a ball about. Now talk about kicking a ball about. Still flogging spuds. BBC Sport, BT Sport, Walkers, @goalhangerfilms ...Instagram garylineker

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Hey @Twitter, if you want to copy an idea from Instagram, forget Fleets/Stories and adopt an edit button so we can fix typos, miss spellings, grammatical errors etc.. Cheers 👍🏻.

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Stop that, Jadon!

Sancho puts a free-kick in the definition of top bins. You don't save those! 🎯

Gorgeous free-kick from @Sanchooo10 👏🏻

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Here’s @B_Fernandes8’s stunning strike.

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Cc @GaryLineker 👇👇

Me too. Like father like son.

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A thunderous strike from @B_Fernandes8 gives @ManUtd the lead.

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We’ve got @ManUtd on @btsport 2 tonight. You’re never quite sure what you’ll get with this United, so do try and join us, because you wouldn’t want to miss a great/awful performance. We start at 7 o’clock.

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The Premier League Charitable Fund celebrates its 10-year anniversary 🥳

A decade of helping local communities thrive 🙌

Great stuff. Well played.

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Replying to @DaleJohnsonESPN: @GaryLineker To be honest, I think this is saying it should be applied as the Premier League agreed with the IFAB in S…

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@GaryLineker To be honest, I think this is saying it should be applied as the Premier League agreed with the IFAB in September. So not as UEFA is doing in the UCL.

It's just the written law is a mess. I'm not sure much will change in application, but we can hope.

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Just in from the crucial IFAB meeting to decide any clarifications in the 2021-22 laws.

In relation to the handball Law, given that the interpretation of handball incidents has not always been consistent, further clarification is supported.

Can we read into this that referees will now be allowed to use common sense in their decisions?

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Not bad. 👏🏻

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If you’re looking for a new series to watch, may I recommend Tehran on @AppleTV. Gripping drama. On to The Queen’s Gambit for me. ♟

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Very proud to be part of the @DemelzaHospice family & support this year’s #BestPossibleChristmas appeal. Watch their film and donate at to support children with serious and terminal conditions during the pandemic, the festive season & beyond #ItsAboutLife

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Proud today more than ever to say I went to Oxford....alright we lost 1-0 and it cost @Everton the title, but nevertheless.

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Well played @LFC. An empathic victory from a superb side. Massive credit to Jürgen Klopp for conjuring up such an exceptional display despite the injuries. 👏🏻👏🏻

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Open play PL home goals this season:

Diogo Jota 4
Man City 2
Man Utd 1


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@GaryLineker @LFC How good has @JamesMilner been at a time when his club needs him @LFC_NewsUK @LFC 💪💪💪

He’s remarkable. 👌🏻

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Injuries or not @LFC have been brilliant this half.

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What an idiotic thing to do by Pepe.

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This game is bonkers. Goals aplenty and another absurd penalty from @fulham.

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He’s done it again. @CalvertLewin14 makes it 2-1 with another proper poacher’s goal.

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