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We want some respect on Patti's name immediately! #ESSENCE

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Don't let COVID-19 keep you from your epic holiday photos! #ESSENCE

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Tyler Gordon, 14, a visual artist from San Jose California, decided to shoot his shot and landed on the moon. #ESSENCE

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It's the most wonderful time of the year and these movies are made of family, fun, and... a little bit of holiday drama! #ESSENCE

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Being warm and comfortable are must haves during the winter months. These pieces will turn your closet into a wonderland! #ESSENCE

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The pioneer opens up about her new ventures and plans for the future. #ESSENCE

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These queens keep us smiling and feeling good with their positive vibes. #ESSENCE

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These books are perfect for your winter hibernation. #ESSENCE

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The art of shopping is a skill you can master one gift at a time. But don't leave yourself out! #ESSENCE

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Joy's stellar performance was inspired by the incomparable love of her grandmother. #ESSENCE

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Lori, we see you sis.

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Jill Scott 😍

Hi Internet! This is not Jill Scott.

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Things we love to see- #1 Black women experiencing pure joy and forever love. #ESSENCE

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Congratulations are in order for Fantasia and she deserves this miracle blessing! #ESSENCE

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Representation Matters: Supermodel Halima Aden announced she's taking a break from fashion after her religious beliefs were compromised. Flashback to her groundbreaking January '20 #ESSENCE cover story.

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People are calling out the publisher who claims no knowledge of the controversial reading. #ESSENCE

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These gifts will touch a special place in your friend's heart! #ESSENCE

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We love to see it! Gabourey is glowing about her engagement and we want invites to the wedding. #ESSENCE

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Organize your Black Friday shopping today with our ultimate gift guide for the little ones! #ESSENCE

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🚨🚨: Global superstar @Zendaya graces ESSENCE’s November + December Collector’s Edition—celebrating our 50th anniversary with stunning and picturesque black and white imagery. The issue launches on November 24th. For more visit .

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