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#ratatouillethemusical is amazing, available for $5 and only for the next 72 hours. @andrewbfeldman is incredible! His acting choices are so on point. Watch it! So awesome to think of the creative minds on @tiktok_us that did this.

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Watching #BestOfBroadway and hoping some of these performances will be up to watch again somewhere. So awesome! We definitely need the A Chorus Line revival

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Ok so #JingleJangle on Netflix was such an adorable movie. That “Make it Work” song at the end was amazing and I need to hear it several more times tonight. I’m not sure what Dr Suess land it takes place in, but I would live there. Highly recommend

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Who else discovered an obsession with #CrazyExGirlfriend in 2020? @Racheldoesstuff thanks for being my top song getting me through last year. #SpotifyWrapped2020

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#ChristmasChronicles2 did not disappoint. Kurt Russell is the best Santa. #Netflix

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#VerizonLive thanks for trying to stream the parade. It was better than not having it at all. The kids liked the floats! I’m sure I can find the performances on YouTube later...

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#VerizonLive the only good thing so far has been the saved by the bell reboot sneak peak. Also my kids have never seen the parade before, so they don’t know what they are missing....

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#VerizonLive are we going to see the performances too? Hoping for broadway #MacysThanksgivingParade

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“That’s the guy on our crescent rolls”. My kids watching the #MacysThanksgivingParade #VerizonLive

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So excited for the parade this year! Thanks for streaming #VerizonLive #MacysParade

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Quoted @hallmarkchannel

Anna and James both love the Christmas Waltz! 🙌 ❤️ RT, if you loved seeing the dance together! #OneRoyalHoliday #CountdownToChristmas

It was so great, and I loved the Cinderella nod at the end. Someone explain why the part that caused me to sob was Diane and Ed all dressed up though.... #oneroyalholiday

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So a little mad we didn’t see the proposal but adorable ending and a great movie. #HollyandIvy

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Adam asking the heart #hollyandivy

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Yay for reasonable adult decisions #HollyandIvy

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It’s a bookmobile #HollyandIvy

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He built her the window seat #HollyandIvy

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Yes! She isn’t leaving her house. She is going to help! #HollyandIvy

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Nina should adopt Melody #HollyandIvy

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