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Quoted @Saito_91

@DaHeathenOne76 @PrmativApostate Lol dude actually posted it and you weren't off by much lol

Oh wait. Lemme go look.
I didnt read the entire post LOL
( edit) HAAAA
see in my case this is for a youth program not home groceries. Kinda shocked at ppl shopping for food at Target.

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Yall giving cantdance owenz clicks.
She chose her lot and the lot of her offspring. the comment was probably a plot/sympathy grift now that *45 is old news. let her and her spawn be.

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Quoted @carolinaware

"Esso". I had a friend who had a custom license plate that said "Esso' in honor of this.. He told us that story and it BLEW MY MIND as a child. Habits we still have to this day. @ only stopping at 'friendly places' when traveling.

It's why WE like Caddys or GM in general.

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Quoted @GAFollowers

Atlanta police say in the first week of January 99 cars were stolen in Atlanta.

Out of 99, 76 of those cars had the keys inside or were already running.

📸 @ajc

I'm too jaded. I think this is purposeful so people don't have to pay car notes. Yall that naive about old national?? My people down there said its similar to the McDonald's on Joy road and Southfield.

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Quoted @Kissmeimtrishy

Ratchet?!? This is the future!

Jackie..girl you doing this wrong.
This is a good thing.

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Quoted @gloIess

if broke niggas don’t get no play how i got 3 kids?


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Quoted @violetikon

No votes: Castaneda-Lopez, Tate, Sheffield, Leland
Yes votes: Jones, Spivey, Ayers, Benson, McCalister

Brenda Jones marched with us this summer. This is disgusting.

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Quoted @other_eli

BREAKING: Detroit City Council approves contract for counter-lawsuit against Black Lives Matter protesters, voting 5-4 @wdet


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Quoted @AITA_reddit

AITA For blowing up on my husband over a prank?

Umm that's wasn't a prank beloved.
I think his cousin put a worm in his head about cheating from some manosphere bullshit. Cousin is 20 ripe for radicalized incel movement. I dont like it. Im sorry you're married to that person.

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I know what he said. I also know about infatuation, limerance, dopamine and oxytocin.

DO NOT GET PREGNANT, DO NOT quit your job and become financially dependent on that man, unless you have a contract (read: marriage) to protect you.

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Dearly beloveds,
Sometimes yall RT somebody saying something outlandish or outright foolish. I usually already have them blocked. Love that for me.

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Quoted @DaHeathenOne76

Call your Senator and tell them we all need disaster relief money TODAY

CALL your representatives in congress.
Tell them the people need 2k a month retroactive and today.

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Quoted @sheldur1975

@LilySimpson1312 Women want a partner who respects them and brings them things from the gas station even when they don’t ask for snacks.

20 years in and I agree.

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" . . .someone who loves to juggle a diverse range of priorities and build processes from the ground up."


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Quoted @WolverinePulse

@dpeoplesjones How can you say that when you have American and Lafayette Coney Island at home?!

Those places are for drunk tourists kinda like Pat and Genos in Philly.

Best coneys are in the hood.

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Quoted @RVAReid

Why were there so many sex/oral sex skits on 90s’ Rap albums? Half of those shits had nothing to do with the records that came before or after.

Not my favorite part of 90' hip hop for sure.💤💤🥱
I think they tried too hard to mimic their parents' X rated comedy albums they sneaked and listened to.

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Quoted @S1LV3RT0NGUE

writers: if you don't have siblings, people with siblings can always tell


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Quoted @haaretzcom

Ugandan Jews not eligible to immigrate to Israel, state informs High Court


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