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The former "Bachelorette" star said their family has been trying to "get answers" on Ryan's medical diagnosis for several months.

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TO THE RESCUE: Boston firefighters carry a small child out of a Two Alarm fire at a four-story apartment building. A woman and two children were saved from the blaze, and no injuries were reported.

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TO THE RESCUE: A dolphin that got tangled in rope off the coast of South Florida is swimming free again.

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SOUND ON: Listen as the Verrazano Bridge in New York groaned and flexed during high winds sweeping across the city in late November, prompting the upper level to be closed to traffic temporarily.

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EMERGENCY LANDING: Traffic cams captured the moment a small plane touched down on Interstate 35 in Minnesota. The plane crashed into a vehicle, but no one was injured.

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Here’s how Pres. Trump has influenced five key tech policy areas and what President-elect Joe Biden might do about them. via @fivethirtyeight

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The idea is part of a broader effort to encourage people to get vaccinated.

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For the first time in congressional history, House Democrats are poised for a vote on a long-shot measure that would decriminalize marijuana use at the federal level.

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What seemed like a horrific stalking case was a jealous lover's cover for murder.

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On @ABCNewsLive, we speak with Dr. Joseph Varon, who took time to comfort a patient on Thanksgiving Day. Plus, we have more on misinformation circulating about a COVID-19 vaccine. WATCH LIVE:

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The U.S. Department of Transportation will no longer consider emotional support animals as service animals under a new rule announced Wednesday, allowing airlines to limit the types of animals that fly for free.

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Officials took an axe to break through the windshield of an overturned big rig in San Diego, rescuing a man, woman and dog, after powerful winds in the area reportedly over two separate tractor trailers.

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$908 billion COVID-19 relief proposal advanced by bipartisan group of senators gains momentum on Capitol Hill, with Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell speaking over the phone to discuss pandemic relief for the first time since the November election.

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"I guess this is the thing now, right?"

A third mysterious, shining monolith has been spotted in California by locals, two weeks since a similar obelisk disappeared in Utah and another in Romania.

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CLOSE ENCOUNTER: California man captures incredible meeting with orcas.

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A tiger attacked and seriously injured a volunteer at a big cat sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, run by Carole Baskin, who was featured prominently in the docuseries "Tiger King."

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Replying to @ABCPolitics: The National Defense Authorization Act – a must-pass defense bill that includes a 3% pay raise for U.S. troops – is facing…

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The National Defense Authorization Act – a must-pass defense bill that includes a 3% pay raise for U.S. troops – is facing a veto threat by Pres. Trump and rare pushback from congressional GOP.

@KarenTravers reports on the showdown over defense funding:

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Dramatic video shows a man driving through Silverado, California, assisting in the evacuation of friends and livestock in the area as the Bond Fire torches the landscape on all sides.

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President-elect Joe Biden wears a slip-on shoe over his fractured foot as he arrives at The Queen in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden fractured his right foot in a fall last weekend while playing with his dog.

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Court commissioner orders Kyle Rittenhouse to stand trial on homicide charges stemming from a shooting in August that left two men dead and a third wounded during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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