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Biomedical Science Student, Napier Knights Football Player, Ulster Rugby and Manchester United Fan


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It's the same week in and week out and still no change in approach. I mean repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result is literally the definition of insanity #benchwentz #PHIvsCLE #EaglesNation

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Doug also needs to have play calling responsibility taken from him and Schwarz needs fired. #EaglesNation #BenchWentz #PHIvsCLE

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Enough is enough. Wentz has had far to many chances. There is now no longer an excuse for his awful play. Needs benched ASAP. #PHIvsCLE

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JP is done! He is just a waste of snaps at this point. Better option would be to give young talent some snaps. Season is fucked anyway so nothing to lose. #PHIvsCLE

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So happy for Andy Reid! How much does that man deserve that?! One of the greats. #bbcnfl

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Terrell Suggs at 37 seen as surplus to requirements and now potentially getting another ring with the chiefs. How much of a difference has he made to the chiefs defence? #bbcnfl

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As an eagles fan I cant help but feel bad for Andy Reid. When is it going to happen for this guy?! If he ever gets that ring he'll be considered a top 5 all time coach. #bbcnfl

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Can @JasonBell33 settle an argument. What is the responsibility of a free safety in a 4-2-5 defense? #bbcnfl

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How good has Daniel Sorensen been in the post season?! Most underrated safety this season? #bbcnfl

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Already better than the absolute snooze fest last year. Then again osi's jacket alone made it more exciting than last year. #peopleshero #bbcnfl

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This SHOULD be Hidden ๐Ÿ‘€ Get 3 Hampers for FREE ๐Ÿ˜

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Well that result absolutely flattered the bin dippers

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Short and sweet return to Edinburgh. Always great for new year though! โ€” at BrewDog Lothian Road

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When it comes to rugby Scottish referees, players and pundits are complete empty heads! Clueless beyond belief!

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