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@SisterNightSays Get rid of the racist and America’s Spirit will be Happy. Hate deadly curse is preventing America’s Love from shining. #SoulofaNation

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Miles salieron a las calles de Barcelona para protestar por la detención del rapero comunista Pablo Hasel. por supuestamente insultar a la Corona ya las instituciones del Estado con su música y su activismo.
#AlwaysherewithMew #SoulofaNation

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#SoulofaNation this needs to be a weekly thing . Very powerful and informative show

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Great conversations in my house tonight while watching #SoulofaNation

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Simply amazing work @ABCNetwork @GMA this is great and just what my family needed to see today! #SoulofaNation

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I just have done my first commission!!, im very exited for that!. I just try to do the things good with my art but sometimes i feel that im bad in art and thats why nobody ask me for a commission ;-;

#drawing #anime #Rosé #GoldenGlobes #Lumena #Juliette #Projoda #SoulofaNation

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@SoulofaNation @ABC #SoulofaNation Houston
My first act of racism elementary but my momma prepared me. Sticks and stone break your bones but name never hurt you.

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