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 1 week ago

Career-high 3⃣7⃣ for Nickeil Alexander-Walker. 🔥

@NickeilAW: 15-23 FGM, 5 3PM

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@NBA @NickeilAW dude is a nobody. Gleague before rhe season is over

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@NBA @NickeilAW Man went off happy for this kid. he got his breakout game. man getting his feet wet in the league.

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@NBA @NickeilAW better than LeMickey

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 1 week ago

@NBA @NickeilAW Good cause I have a bunch of Rookie cards of his 📈

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@NBA @NickeilAW Started taking an early look at the board tonight, and we are cooking up a nice card. Looking at 2 potential max plays with another 2U play. Ride with us or get run over! 🚂

#BojanPicks #GamblingTwitter #CBBPicks #FreePicks

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 1 week ago

@NBA @NickeilAW I’d take Walker over Lebron

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@NBA @NickeilAW I’m so in SHOCK! My 6 year old, bisexual, transgender, 15 IQ, frequently drooling son just said his first REAL words to me
“Is it true LeShitter is 0-10 all time in the finals”

I never turned my head so fast before.
“yes son, LeDisney will never win a ring that counts”

I cried

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Don't know if it's news, but he privated his account😎 #ChrisHansenIsOverParty

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Hi, I'm Chris Hanson and I'm a piece of shit. #ChrisHansenIsOverParty

Get ready for those checks to bounce again ya pleb @chrishansen

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#ChrisHansenIsOverParty 10 years too late folks he is already canceled lol !

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Dude was far more interested in grandstanding and entrapment than catching the most nefarious predators. NEVER trust a man on a soapbox. #ChrisHansenIsOverParty

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Just looked through the #ChrisHansenIsOverParty tag and... yikes at the irony 😬

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Yo im out of the loop lol whats #ChrisHansenIsOverParty all about? 🤠

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