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Replying to @ESPNNBA: 🚨 #HOOPSTREAMS 🚨

@itsthebaldgirl, @TreavorScales and @garystriewski welcome @NickDePaula to the show to showcase the freshest…

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@itsthebaldgirl, @TreavorScales and @garystriewski welcome @NickDePaula to the show to showcase the freshest kicks around the league and more.

(📍 @StateFarm)

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My freakin emotes tell a story #TwitchRecap

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Toujours pas reçu de recap Twitch 😥 #TwitchRecap

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@Twitch (translation : watchtime, followers and stream) hour. Mine is this! I'm happy that I started streaming more on Twitch! I hope I'll get even better in 2021! #TwitchRecap

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To: @FallofCthulhu , @Jvmie90 and @TheShwantz27 thanks for making my 2020 bearable.


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Came to Twitch in June 2020 and all I can say is Thank You to everybody that came to support! Anybody that stopped thru and said Hi! Anybody that Followed! All of you that Subbed! I appreciate ALL OF YOU!! It’s only up from here!! #GCGUp #GameChangers #twitchstreamer #TwitchRecap

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Miraculously Twitch gave me stats even though I barely streamed last year. I appreciate y'all tuning in whenever I did though. 😍 I did well enough to finally get my first Twitch payout this week so here's to more CONTENT and MOTIVATION this year! 😂 #TwitchRecap

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