It’s 2021. Our eyes are open. Now is the time for a full major review of the Free School Meal system.
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@DickersonDene @MarcusRashford @10DowningStreet @educationgovuk @vickyford People always give footballers a bad name first and foremost they pay their taxes via PAYE which contributes to a substantial amount for the treasury and then most footballers have their own foundations and other initiatives.
How they spend their money is private

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@MarcusRashford @10DowningStreet @educationgovuk @vickyford I do think all politicians are out of touch with the general public I have no time for overpaid footballers but I do think Marcus is special seems not to have forgotten that he went hungry

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@MarcusRashford @10DowningStreet @educationgovuk @vickyford Well done Marcus 👏

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This year has shown us how dangerous and life altering many children’s access to food is and frankly too many children have been falling through the cracks, at risk of being seriously left behind. (2)

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Thanks to the efforts of individuals, businesses, charities, educators, and Govt so many of our vulnerable children have been helped during this pandemic and we should be proud of what we have achieved so far. That being said there is so much work to be done (1)

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