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@ikpsgill1 @imVkohli every dad want his baby nature

same as this---
And a baby said l know parent's respect

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@imVkohli Vdaayiya paaji... jug jug jiwe 🙏🏻

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@imVkohli congrats

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@imVkohli @imVkohli team lo unnantha sepu notlo nunchi maata kuda raled
ippudu vaaguthunnaru adhe anna nunnappudu vaagi unte chupichevaadu

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@imVkohli Congrats anna @imvkohli

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@imVkohli You can hear💥

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@imVkohli 😘😘😘

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@imVkohli Miss u king

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F*ck #Victoria! She f****** needs to go! Some of you are not getting roses cuz he's just not that Into you! So many b****** I would have said f*** you I'm out and would have left the room lol! #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC @mattjames919 #MattJames

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I thought we left the mean girls on Peter’s season? 🥴 #TheBachelor

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Actually #TheBachelor producers are wrong for making Sarah, who is under true emotional stress b/c of her father do typical villain shit like interrupting group dates & staying in her room during filming - listen to Kit & Victoria say staying here will be hard for you! #Backfired

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Thank goodness I have a life and don't need to live life through these loosers. What a sad example when these women don't care if this looser kissed or gets all hot with the other women. Gross. #TheBachelor

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I feel bad for the girls on #TheBachelor as it looks like Matt needs some #kissing lessons. He’s always going in for the kiss with his mouth like wide open!! Reminds me of the first #kiss I got when I was 16 and it ruined me for kissing for life #BachelorNation

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next episode is about to get real crazy 💀 #TheBachelor

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