@themaxburns What our European allies and intelligence agencies think went down.

Hint: full coup d'etat, orchestrated by Trump.

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@ONostradamous @ManuZingar @themaxburns I recently brought this up on my discord server. We were all asking what Barr knew when he quit. Literally everyone asked at the time. Now we know.

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 1 week ago

@ManuZingar @cbeidson @themaxburns One doorway between failed coup and dozens of congresspeople executed while streamed live to the world

Heroes inside the Capitol that prevented the overthrow of the US deserve recognition

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@ManuZingar @voss_cj @themaxburns Federal law enforcement in this country’s broken, and we all know it. Trump, Comey, Mueller, Barr, CISA, the Capitol Police, have all proved it.

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@nightMairC @ManuZingar @themaxburns That’s what I’m afraid of

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@ManuZingar @themaxburns Thank you.

Finally people are getting it. This is what the media should be reporting on. Rather than treating it as just a riot that got out of control.

This was *meticulously* planned by the Administration as the last resort means of disrupting certification indefinitely.

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@themaxburns Note: The first three individuals in the Presidential line of succession were in imminent danger.

Given the known evidence, and the provocateurs/operatives surely hidden in mob, and the rational cause and effect of mob mentality, this was a decapitation of leadership operation.

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 1 week ago

It is quickly becoming clear that senior figures in our government--and in the White House--not only supported the idea and goals of the January 6 terrorists, but provided material support, funding, and operational intelligence.

It got as far as holding the Guard in barracks.

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 2 weeks ago

Pentagon leaders installed as part of Trump purge last month blocked DC National Guard from getting riot gear and ammunition as protesters descended on Capitol.

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Good Morning Everyone 🌞
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Count your blessings, focus on the positive and Thank God for waking you up this morning.

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It’s obviously up to us to navigate through those challenges, frustrations, pain and uncertainty, and the way we’re but as humans is either sink or swim.

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Morning everyone! Ready for my last day at work for the week. Hope you all have a great day! Let me know what your plans are this weekend! #fridaymorning #FridayFeeling #weekend

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