I just died. I’m tweeting while dead.

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@Drea_got_rage @anita1956 Better than 99% of these actors today 😂👏🏾👏🏾

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Since the video is clearly marked with the creator I didn’t think to include the original source plus who knew I’d get more than my usual 3 likes and 1 retweet? My bad. Here you go...

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Since I’m just a little Tweet on Twitter sharing an awesome TikTok, let me take this opportunity while you’re here to ask that for the weekend or maybe just tomorrow if that’s all the commitment you can handle, be kind to one another. Have a good day. You deserve one.

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@ruggledome Profile picture Wendy Wolfe


 1 week ago

@ItalianDolomite @anita1956 @sarahcpr: You've got some competition!

This pair is great.

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@anita1956 Ive watched this 10 times!!!! this kid is GOODT

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@anita1956 Can I please tag Sarah Cooper?? She has to see this???

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@anita1956 Sarah Cooper better step up her game

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Discover the role of personalized learning in enabling workers to meet their professional goals efficiently. Read the blog to know more: #ModernLearningExperiences #PersonalizedLearning #FlashbackFriday

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Dear Designers,

We promise, we appreciate the good work 😊
VideoCred: designershumor

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#FlashbackFriday (is that still a thing?)

I miss making music....simpler times....

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What a glorious day! Takes us back to days like these..☀️
Pergola and reflective pool completed by #rmouldingandco last year.
Have a wonderful weekend all! 😊

#flashbackfriday #summergarden #reflectivepool #projectcomplete #countryhouse #restoration #countryliving

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Which trio would you rather have in your team? 🤔

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FLASHback Friday!

#schultzboys #flashypoo #schultzboyz #shorty #flashbackfriday #bags #rescuedogsofinstagram @ Ridgewood

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