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Watch Falcon 9 launch the Turksat 5A mission →

Launch underway

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@TrafficBarrels @elonmusk please block off the restroom, im taking a massive dump and cant risk anyone being contaminated

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@elonmusk Yes!!!!!

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@elonmusk Thank you Elon, very cool

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@elonmusk Donations when

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@elonmusk Congratulations.

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@elonmusk Noice

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When politicians become Fearfull of their own citizens, something they may be doing wrong!
#BeBest #POTUS

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@CNN There are more troops on the streets of Washington than in Afghanistan.
#TwitchRecap #BeBest #FreePcFriday

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@FLOTUS @WhiteHouse Children are still in cages, separated from their parents. #BeBest

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God bless Melania & the trump family & god bless America & the 75 million Patriots that still support Trump & always will ....no matter what ...you hear that Polosi ?... #BeBest

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@lisaghlisa @DouglasEmhoff @DrBiden Thanks for the warm welcome! #bebest

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@BillyBaldwin Did the #BeBest campaign ever really BeGin?

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