@Pink It’s five now, one of the injured cops died.

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@harrissound @Pink BS!! No one died!!

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@trefly1 Profile picture Trevant Taylor


 1 week ago

@harrissound @Pink Good lol that’s what they get.see where hate gets you.

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@CrosleyCarol @harrissound @Pink He actually died

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@harrissound @Pink He is on life support

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@harrissound @Pink The death is a misreport

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@harrissound @Pink No he’s not dead they just confirmed it there was mis-information out there it’s only four

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 2 weeks ago

Trump supporters can never again spew that bullshit about peaceful protests and BLUE LIVES MATTER. you have finally and totally proven to the world what HYPOCRITES and animals you are. FOUR DEAD, and what have you accomplished.
Shame. Shame.
Shame. Shame.

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Well Bernie isn't trending number 1 anymore. It's #ImpeachBidenNow lol. What does all this have to do with KPop? Anybody? Anybody?

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#ImpeachBidenNow The only reason Biden is POTUS is because of White Priviledge

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#ImpeachBidenNow They probably think Trump was impeached for nothing. So can impeach Biden for nothing too.
All the Trump pardons of scum alone shows what kind of President he was.

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@GeraldDMV #ImpeachBidenNow has clearly backfired

Lousy Republican stunt to indict POTUS won't stick

Looks like Rep. Greene didn't think this through

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yall really stupid huh? yall are really desperate? #ImpeachBidenNow

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