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Use Signal

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@iamsahil555 @elonmusk “Use brain Elon”

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@elonmusk Knowing that SpaceX only accepts internship applications from students aged 18 and above, this is my only way of reaching out to you. I believe I can provide some help; not much, but more than nothing.

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@elonmusk Elon Musk, I’m a high school student, currently in 10th grade, and would love to do a summer internship at SpaceX to learn more about rockets, and help with SpaceX’s vision. I have a strong passion for rockets, and admire your innovative approach to colonizing Mars.

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@elonmusk Use brain Elon.

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@elonmusk ESP BMW drivers

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@elonmusk ratio’ed

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@elonmusk What's signal

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@Pirates A Pirate hat will look great on me. Let's make it happen please. #NationalHatDay

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It's #NationalHatDay! Show us your favorite hat! We'll show you ours if you show us yours!

#Hat #Cap #StockingCap #Toboggan #Favorite #FavoriteTeam #ClubTeam #BaseballHat #Football #Soccer #Baseball #Basketball #Volleyball #Lacrosse #Softball #NewEraCap #PracticeHeroUSA

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Who decides that today is #NationalHatDay? I am caught off guard. I need to gather up *all* my #okstate hats and re-do this photo #GoPokes

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#NationalHatDay AND that #SouthernSymphony drip?!? Check out this hat and all of my new merch now 🔥🔥

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#NationalHatDay buffalo bills afc east division champions

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