Happy new year! Thank you for all the support you've shown me this year. You're all legends!

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@Louis_Tomlinson I'M THE 1,511TH LIKE!!! YAYYYY

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 2 weeks ago

@Louis_Tomlinson how about a selfie to celebrate the new year?

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@Louis_Tomlinson Happy new year! Hope this year brings you lots of success and happiness! Love you always ❤

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@Louis_Tomlinson happy new year Louis!! sending u and your family lots of love!! stay safe 🥰 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

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 2 weeks ago

@Louis_Tomlinson This is our year!!

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So incredibly grateful for everyone who made this amazing moment in American history possible! You have not only saved Democracy, you honored & respected its very core tenants of integrity, humanity. A joyous celebration!
@POTUS @VP #celebratingAmerica #Inauguration2021

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¡Katy Perry interpretando Firework y luciendo realmente espectacular esta noche en el cierre de #CelebratingAmerica! 😍🎆

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@BidenInaugural @katyperry Texted my daughter in Alexandria asking if they could see the fireworks. She said they could hear them and when they went outside to look, people were cheering throughout the neighborhood and surrounding streets! #Inauguration2021 #CelebratingAmerica

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I think it’s great #TomHanks was chosen to host the #CelebratingAmerica festivities. Among other things, it’s an #UpYours to the #QAnon whack jobs who had Hanks atop the list of kooky child cannibalism bullshit allegations. Those freaks need to go the hell away like #trump.

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