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 2 weeks ago

“When we’re meant to meet at 1 and you arrive at 1, that’s on you.” 🤣

Peep @TheShadeRoom’s fave 2020 moments, including this gem from comedy queen @ElsaAngel19 👏

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 2 weeks ago

@instagram @TheShadeRoom @ElsaAngel19 Lol. This is super. I mean, I would come say, 20-30 mins later and, I’ll definitely walk in like I own the place and, apologize remorsefully 😉😋

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@instagram @TheShadeRoom @ElsaAngel19 Hi @instagram Team My account has been disabled (Bunty.shaikh007) I didn't do anything against instagram following of terms its has been deactivated by mistakes I'm using instagram more than 8 years please check and fix it. . It's humble request 🙏 

Thanks regards.

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 2 weeks ago

@instagram @TheShadeRoom @ElsaAngel19 Love it 😂🤣😂🤣

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@instagram @TheShadeRoom @ElsaAngel19 What 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ was for me! 💭

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@instagram @TheShadeRoom @ElsaAngel19 Hi Friends, happy new year 💥🎊 🎉

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@instagram @TheShadeRoom @ElsaAngel19 Abeg no eat bread n fish when you don smoke igbo😒

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 2 weeks ago

É o fim , tô arrasada , cortaram minhas asas , destruíram meus sonhos 😞😭💔

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@FLOTUS @WhiteHouse Ok, then you might want to check on the 600+ immigrant children still waiting to be reunited with their parents. I’m sure they would appreciate some of that #BeBest values as well.

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@FLOTUS @WhiteHouse You're kidding right? Any word on when you and your cyber bully husband might apologize to America and welcome the new President? Might want to try to #bebest

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@BillyBaldwin The age of sloppy slogans without articles has come to an end. #BeBest

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@VABVOX " #BeBest! Because god forbid you be 2nd Best...
Donald say you Be Loser!"


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Trying to find out the potential of new strategies in e-commerce? This might be good for you: There could be positive movement towards innovation on mobile financing. Check disclaimer on profile and landing page #BeBest

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When politicians become Fearfull of their own citizens, something they may be doing wrong!
#BeBest #POTUS

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