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 4 weeks ago

The Tiny Desk has been working from home since mid-March, but we started off the year with a strong slate of in-person concerts, including sets from @aliciakeys, @snohaalegra, @Harry_Styles and more.

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 3 weeks ago

@nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles @snohaalegra is ๐Ÿ”ฅโ™

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 4 weeks ago

@nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles Thank you so much to everyone music keeps us civil with Love

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 4 weeks ago

@nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles Dear @aliciakeys I released a portion of my super senti song called EU LAV that I wish to collaborate with you. I chose you for this song. It will be an honor if youโ€™ll consider. @Aliciakeysfans9 #AliciaKeys
EU LAV - For Alicia Keys 2021 (snippet only)

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 4 weeks ago

@nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles I loved the @GraceVanderWaal concert. Funny, that sheโ€™s a Interlochen student now, and you featured her 2 years earlier ๐Ÿ˜€

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 4 weeks ago

@nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles I enjoyed those tiny desk concerts

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@nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles Soul'n Space

Heave'n Heat

Jazz'n Keys


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 4 weeks ago

@nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles Harry and snoh?!๐Ÿ˜

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@Dave_willbury @nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles They still do, don't get blinded by the big stars that they've had.

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 4 weeks ago

@nprmusic @aliciakeys @snohaalegra @Harry_Styles i remember when you all used to feature indie artists ...those were the days

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๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŒน #Happy #thursdayโœ…
#dogecoin #silhouettechallenge #BLACKPINKxCORDEN #QUACKTWTSELFIEDAY
#catsjudgingmarjorie #TEAMWANG THE OUTFITS
Doja Cat
Kate Moss
J. Cole
house music
Spring Day

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@La_Bete_humaine Dogs and Cats are definitely united on the #CatsJudgingmarjorie movement

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Whispurr hates racists and thinks they shouldn't be allowed on the hill.


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Well I'm not a four-legged cat but I am a two-legged Leo and she had me thrown in Twitter jail last night for 12 hours just because I called her a redneck hillbilly dimwit and told her she needed to go back under the rock she came from n take boebert with her #catsjudgingmarjorie

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