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 1 month ago

Snow Flower🎅❄

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@btssoop @BTS_twt 4 songs in a year by vocal line. 3 songs in a month by TaeMinJin

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@laughkpop @BTS_twt Tae 🐻

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@pjmvelvets @BTS_twt I didn’t understand but YES

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 1 month ago

@BTS_twt JK,Jin, JIMIN,V
4 songs in a year by Vocal line !!!! 💜😭

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@choi_bts2 @BTS_twt 🐻❤️ thank you so much Taehyung <33

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@BTS_twt so it's another winter 🎄 song!!!! Thank you Taehyung!!!

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 1 month ago

@BTS_twt the way he reconstructed and redefined what it meant to convey and obtain the concupiscent anomalistic clearance showing us that divine idiosyncrasy is ebulliently inevitable while simultaneously substantiating what its meant to be

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@Morning_Joe @JoeNBC @morningmika @MSNBC @kasie @IgnatiusPost @JonLemire @EdwardGLuce @jmeacham SCOTUS broke A Bipartisan Renewal of #VRA & created the partisan apparatus to the #Right2Vote which many elected legislators have won
Will a trump majority SCOTUS Right their Wrong?..

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Doc said the new strain is stronger than the vaccine 🤯🤯🤯🤯 #MorningJoe

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Mika #morningjoe is alot like me! She’s been people watching psychopaths/sociopaths/narcissists running around loose like the lunatics🧠they R killing themselves&others thinking there’s no disaster going on right now as 4,000 people die/day & they could care less!

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#MorningJoe America allowed #TrumpThugs to march the streets screaming "Blood and Soil" with torches and swastikas. Those thugs killed #HeatherHeyer and America moved on. Over 70 million Americans voted for a thug who sought to JAIL the #Exonerated5, 5 Black men found INNOCENT.

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No More Interference in Countries

1950 CIA Iran Gave Us The Ayatollah

Mujahideen Gave Us the Taliban

Overthrow in Guatemala Gave Us Instability

WMD's Gave Us The Irag War

We can Sanction into oblivion but no more Wars
and destabilization

We are Sick Of It

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Mika why not talk about the people dying from covid vaccines & having severe allergic reactions? I bet you wouldn’t let your mom get one!

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Why does #MorningJoe on @MSNBC only have Latinos on during election time?

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