Replying to @jackharlow: Jesus Christ...

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 1 month ago

Jesus Christ...

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i see #TheView is trending. what did Meghan "My Father" McCain do now

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I don’t think @MeghanMcCain knows the meaning of “mixed” family. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Did she really just say that?! #TheView

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Everyone: Wow! @MeghanMcCain made a good point. I guess she’s not so bad. Why can’t more Republicans be like her?

Me: Just give it a minute...

Everyone: Wait! WTF! Why is Meghan such a jerk / lying / both sides-ing / misleading / supporting hate?!

Me: There it is...


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#TheView is home to the hate filled hags of the world.

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Please remove Meghan McCain from #TheView. She is not much more than a conspiracy monger and a mouthpiece for her right-wing husband. She spreads lies.

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When #TheView decided to have a token non-Leftist punching bag, they went with RINO poster girl, Meghan McCain. A Repub no one likes, even other Repubs.

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Adolf Hitler led the Nazi Party’s failed coup d'état (Beer Hall Putsch) In 1923. He was punished lightly, so he came back stronger and caused WWII & Holocaust tragedies.
Trump must be found guilty & not allowed to run for office again!

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