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 3 weeks ago

Jesus Christ...

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 3 weeks ago

@jackharlow WHATTTTT

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@jackharlow Crazy

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 3 weeks ago

@jackharlow da trumpet

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 3 weeks ago

@jackharlow that shit was hawd

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Go out of your way to be KIND.

#WandaVision #FreeCodeFridayContest #TwitchRecap

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2020 was a pretty decent year for me streaming wise. Can’t wait to try and double these numbers this year. Maybe even triple! Either way I’m giving it my all! See you guys on the first stream of 2021. It’s going to be a big one👀🐶


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Didn't put in much time in 2020 for obvious reasons. That all changed last month. I'm back on the grind, back on the journey. I'm gonna do my best to make 2021 something special #TwitchRecap #TwitchRecap2020

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Thank you for an amazing year <3

Weirdly, Animal Crossing and FF7R were both the exact same amount of hours which FEELS VERY WEIRD.

#TwitchRecap #TwitchRecap2020

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BAM! Hours #TwitchRecap I guess the most used emotes were from my stream and not me? Because I've never used half of those.

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#TwitchRecap Grandes a todos los que me habéis apoyado esta año y espero que sigamos así mucho tiempo. Sobre todo a @Besay639 por todo el tiempo y a @ElSamu34637885 por todos los mensajes que me ha mandad. Btw de locos que en 2020 haya streameado 2020h

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Found my #TwitchRecap in my promotion folder. Even though it's been a while since I streamed. What exactly does it mean TmiMusic is my top watched channel? #2020

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