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You’re Mines Still (Feat. Drake) Music Video 🎥🎥 Out Now 🔥

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@cadeellismusic @_YungBleu @OVOSound Mans is healing up for the NBA season

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@_YungBleu ❤️❤️

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 1 month ago

@_YungBleu The Dwayne Wayne this generation needed😂🔥🔥

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 1 month ago

@_YungBleu Lemme record some hooks for you Bleu

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@_YungBleu Lol GOAT🤦🏽‍♂️🥀🥀🥀

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 1 month ago

@_YungBleu @OVOSound So disappointed Drizzy didn’t pop up 😩 video is insane tho, congrats brodie

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@_YungBleu I know you snapped 😭😭😭🥳

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Braunwyn is despicable. #rhoc

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Did Kelly lie to her and tell her the reunion was actually a fitness test? #rhoc

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If Braunwyn really did what Shannon is saying she did... And I believe she did... Why did Shannon stay friends with her?
If one of my friends said that to my daughter, at any age, I would have kicked ass and we would not maintain a friendship.

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@Andy please listen to the Bravo fans and fire Kelly . Even Twitter banned *Rump . The least you can do is fire Kelly for her outright hatred and ignorance . #RHOC

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#RHOC #Gina I don’t know about y’all but... if my husband would send ANYBODY and I mean ANYONE a text with any type of wink face especially one of my friends THERES A PROBLEM!!! So girl I’m on your side about feeling weird about the whole text! #girlcode

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NEWS: $EHVVF Ehave, Inc. Closes 20/20 Global Transaction, Mycotopia Therapy Now Operating as a Publicly Traded Company with Intent to Focus on Psychedelic Sector

#RHOC @stockman1301 @otc_watch_news @GlamorousStock $FUSEF $OBLN $ITOX $NXGB

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What Kelly said about covid and masks, on social media, had me thinking she was an anti-masker and covid denier....but she was a lot more tame on the show.

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Gina had the best ✨glow up✨this season..and then Shane! #RHOC

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