I’m bout to see if they kan make me an Edgar Berlanga life size kardboard kut out and bring dat bih w me to studio and put it in the booth in front the mic....drops mic💪🏾🤦🏽‍♂️

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@braydanmvm Profile picture Braydan


 1 month ago

@amidazee @LilTunechi Never went in lol he made bail for $250.000

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@Zaymajor_2 @LilTunechi It'll be a waste of his time. Nobody beating wayne

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@Trillone504 Profile picture Will


 1 month ago

@dylanquinn91 @LilTunechi He’s not they just want money

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@BurberryPauly @LilTunechi He hasn’t been sentenced and he’s not in custody

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@Zaymajor_2 Profile picture zaymajor_2


 1 month ago

@LilTunechi Can you do a verzuz

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@amidazee Profile picture particle.


 1 month ago

@LilTunechi YOURE OUT???

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@LilTunechi Drop no ceilings side B 🐐

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@BurberryPauly Profile picture Pauly


 1 month ago

@LilTunechi bruh arent u in jail?

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@dylanquinn91 Profile picture Unit Dyw


 1 month ago

@LilTunechi you going to prison

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