The biggest fucking thanks to all of you. None of this is possible without your support. Another big win for us today. Love to you all x

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@Louis_Tomlinson thank you and tomorrow it will be my birthday!!!

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@Louis_Tomlinson ILY MORE

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@Louis_Tomlinson “Young man,
Hush your crying
Dry your tears away
Nothing is original
There’s nothing left to say
You don’t be first
Or be the last to bleed
Every broken heart as far as I can see
Is a copy of a copy of a copy”

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@_anacllar Profile picture AnA


 1 month ago

@Louis_Tomlinson The closest you can to get from a photo with @Louis_Tomlinson. I jumped and sang so much. THANK YOU SO MUCH LOUIS. Love u❤️

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@iRaiILouis Profile picture alex.


 1 month ago

@Louis_Tomlinson The Louis show isn’t just a show, its a cultural reset, its the oxygen you breathe, its a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. its art, the first gift you open on christmas, a hug from a loved one, everything youve ever wanted.

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@Louis_Tomlinson is it allowed to cry?

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@Louis_Tomlinson Love you more ♥️

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@Louis_Tomlinson louis i think you owe us all therapy after that show

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Been to Vegas once a year since I was 4 like where the f is the nomad hotel? Lol #RHOSLC

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How long has this guy been talking? #RHOSLC

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Why is Mary in the flyer if she not on the show #RHOSLC

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No!! A Shirley Temple is a major turn [email protected] #rhoslc

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Mary was like no thanks. Y’all have a good time lol #RHOSLC

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I think Whitney should work on her communication skills! She blaming these women for all her issues... say it to THEM not your Buzzin Cuzzin! #RHOSLC

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@Andy where’s @Mary_M_Cosby in #RHOSLC ? It’s almost like she’s barely on the show?!

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