If you have a speaker round the house plug it in, if you're old enough get yourself a drink. This is going to be special!

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 1 month ago

@Louis_Tomlinson i hope my neighbors don't care about the noise

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@Louis_Tomlinson Yes king

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@Louis_Tomlinson louis you better not be wearing that hat

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@Louis_Tomlinson LOUIS WTF

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teenage louis never would’ve thought that he would be this big today! join us in using this layout and the hashtag #LouisYouMadeIt to tweet about how proud you are of louis & how excited you are for his concert!

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him getting boxed like a fish LMAOOOO freer than a costco sample? boxed like a fish? boxed like a fish?

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#ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump...How Much He Cares about the wildlife.

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#ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump - more like what I won't miss is him telling us he has a healthcare plan for the past four years! #whereisthehealthcareplan

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#ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump nothing. Who is he again?

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My loved ones not going to war #ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump

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