Just spoke to Brandon for what will likely be the last time. Hardest call I’ve ever had. Brandon, selfless as always, was focused on his family and making sure they are ok. He told me not to cry because our fight isn’t over. 😢

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@spunkygirl888 @KimKardashian I know, right. The murder of Todd and Stacie Bagley was horrible.

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@KimKardashian There’s still time 🙏🏻 Brandon is 100% right, the fight isn’t over

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@KimKardashian he's gonna die chill out

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@KimKardashian Oh wow that’s so horrible

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@KimKardashian thank u so much kim for trying your hardest to fight for brandon ❤️

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Me subo al carro

A sido la verdad un placer estar todas essas horas con ustedes se agradece mucho el apoyo.



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This year im blasting those stream hours out the water..98 followers LETS GOO! MUCH more to come, you can count on that

Also thank you all for being there.


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#TwitchRecap Thank you to every single petson who supports my channel. Y’all are AMAZING!

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@Twitch hasn't sent me a #TwitchRecap email yet!

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La peña esperando un #Gmail de #TwitchRecap para ver cuántas horas ha perdido viendo a otros jugando 😂

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Thank you for an incredible year everyone!!
Also that's 5 YEARS of total watch time btw O-O
Love you all so much and can't wait to see what we do this year~ 💕💕💕

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