#JIMIM che torna in tendenza e io che devo ancira capire come si respira dopo l'esibizione di black swan

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How you gonna let someone you "love" who's struggling financially foot the entire bill for the visa process alone? #SMH #90DayFiance

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Don't even get me started with that Andrew. I mean, if my fiance was detained somewhere . . . I would be moving heaven and earth to find them. Not just looking from a balcony and not even making an effort. Dude, get a translator! Why am I watching this again? #90dayfiance

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@rj1975 @carrieleelily When it comes to Julia having tea, Brandon's parents remind me of the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld. Instead of, "No soup for you!" it's "No tea for you!" #90DayFiance

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Brandon looks like he gon be on a Snapped episode for tampering with his parents’ brakes #90DayFiance

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Rebecca: Zied says he’s tired and he just wants to go to bed and go to sleep and I’m a little concerned right now. Is he second guessing?

Me: bitch he literally got on a plane at his nighttime and arrived at your nighttime. He’s fucking tired


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Okay i thought I missed Brandon and Julia drama but whoooo said we needed this sexxxual contentπŸ₯΄ #90dayfiance

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@billythrob @Mala_yaayaa @discoveryplus @TLC Great analyzing Rebecca. It is weird, she knows he drinks coffee. He is so homesick after 1 day. He lived in a culture that Mom took care of all food, coffee, the house, I think he is in shock. You are right is Rebecca going to be friend or wife? #90DayFiance

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Zied’s momma about to board flight to fetch her kid after that home tour... #90DayFiance

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