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 1 month ago

"I helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal. Here's how Joe Biden could resurrect it," writes Baroness Catherine Ashton

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 1 month ago

@TIME A defiant always choose a different path, which is ultimately proved to be wrong.

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 1 month ago

@TIME Instead of nuclear deal, can Iran focus on women safety and education and poverty..

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@TIME Will there be another cash shipment?

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@TIME It was a dumb deal to enable Iran to acquire nuclear weapons after 15 years ..

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 1 month ago

@TIME Idk, I think we had a better feel for international diplomacy from the failed real estate tycoon. Close call man.

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You are brilliant! #askhunter

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What do you want to see for Jules in the future in terms of storyline.? #askhunter

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@Jell0wYell0w "God's Plan" is "Holy and Divine" 💯

It brings me GREAT joy 💯🤣

God certainly works in "Mysterious Ways" 🤣🤣🤣

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Why isn't Biden challenging this anti-American propaganda from the hostile communist regime that pays his son millions? 🤔 #AskHunter

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#askhunter does the left regret listening 2 MSM yet??

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4 Reasons why should you waterproof your Chimney?

#Waterproofing your fireplace will help prepare it to win the fight against Mother Nature.

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